The Divine Matrix – Vision of Unity 


In September 2008 I was walking down the Presidio in San Francisco when a massive vibration touched my body and flashes of a vision arrived through third eye and core of my life became activated in a new octave and frequency. I was in state of unknown for few long minutes, observing into time and space.

At the time, I had no idea of what I had received. Along few other synchronicity events at the same time, my life became wide open to a new consciousness and initiation which took over my human life and over the last 9 years transmuted and expanded to an epic journey of soul.

Divine burnt my human story over the last 10 years, by stripping off everything and everyone I loved and cared so dearly, to wake up to my essence, to pure love and power that I AM.

I endured an impossible path, with deadly thorns and many temptation to give up my mission and purpose, my heart bled and suffered deeply as human and an alone woman in face of many challenges, Currently (December 2017), the surrendering to path of truth and divine will, has brought me to new experiences which can appear extreme conditions for the ones who view them as lack, as since June, I am homeless with no money and only following my heart, all doings rise from deep silence of being. I sold or left my earthy possession behind to trust life as it rise, moment by moment, living in one small suitcase, surrendering to waves of cosmos and opening to a deeper level of being in present, allowing all mind structures and old patterns leave and embark a new and transparent journey to truth with more honesty and commitment. I have been receiving abundance, love and unlimited support form the Source, my light tribes and 3D humans, friends beyond expectation or even understanding. I am in tears of gratitude, appreciation and awe of beauty that unity and cosmos heart can create and manifest. This support gave me the courage and determination to put together this site and offer it here.

I have understanding that I am not the sole doer of these projects, as it requires many awaken and devoted souls to join and be initiated into divine destiny to build and create this multidimensional vision, however it is my duty and service to begin and bring the vision into manifestation and be the front-runner and the voice.

Through the massive shift of collective consciousness which occurring now, my memories of life before Earth and different dimensions and planets which my I AM exist and strongly connected and resonate, has returned. The illusion veils of human’s form are removed and, the key within blue print of soul are fully activated and it is my work as Volunteer First Blue Ray from Sirius Planet infused by fire of Seraphim to be the Deliverance of these projects

“I AM” Represent the Soul Group that have been travelling from other plants as Seeds, Walkers, Ancient Masters, and here on Earth, as Earth Gatekeepers, Grid-workers, Way Showers, … all coming together to Serve Gaia at this time, and bring its totality into align vibration with other Galaxies and the Universe.

I understand now that why my spiritual work as a teacher, coach and a guide never took off, as it was not my rightful domain and it was a middle ground which for years I was trying to negotiate with Divine to keep me low profile and do not ask for such publicity that requires STANDING ON MY GROUND and BE THE VOICE of SERAPHIM to Initiate Light workers and gather the collective in UNIFIED VISION, into full power and creation.

Today, I honor my calling and offer my every breath and action to be the voice of this evolutionary vision and accept my role and responsibility to serve as a creating force, the administration platform for Seraphim NEW EARTH projects which are designed and will be engineered by Divine Intelligence and love as begin and continue moment by moment.

The purpose of this site is to bring together the key holders (STARSEEDS, Seraphs, Participant LIGHT-WORKERS) of this project together on this divine platform (HUB) which are infused by truth that lives in UNITY of all. However this calling could be attractive to many people, nevertheless only awaken light workers, light bearers, grid workers, Earth Guardians,… whom already made the complete shift to 5D and higher dimensions and have a assigned DNA for this Holy work, will join and offer their complete devotion and work under SERAPHIM UNTY, as they know who they are and directly connect to the energy of these PROJECTS and Truth of the VISION will speaks and activates the coding hidden their hearts.

We have to step up into our roles, even when in physical dimension, might not see the exact way of doing things, our HEARTS KNOW and TIME has arrived to be Authentic Leaders in Service of Truth and The Creator of ALL.

If you felt drawn, inspired, passionate about EARTH UNITY Projects, please get in touch. I offer whatever is available through the consciousness I represent. If you are awaken and feel it is your calling, come forward and contribute with your love, passion, energy to Serve this planet and life that is here, to bring harmony, peace and lightness of the Heaven which we all know in our soul DNA.

Seraphim energy is an alchemical and renewal energy which currently downloading and activated on earth, by individuals awakening to their divine destiny and soul purpose, in highly intense and focused collaboration of the collective consciousness across global. In the coming years it will be completely rooted in physical dimension and powerfully infused and assist the ascending of the humanity, planet as well all forms of life.

Please also view vision page and enroll to our mailing list if you wish to know more and receive regular update.


Serena Seraphim (Serena Devi)

Love 💗💗💗🙏💗💗💗


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