One umbrella

Copy of facebook message today!

It is life that moves us now than our personal desires. The unity and collective consciousness is a not an arrow pointing to a certain outcome, it is a process of fire and ice. Truth is the only reality and yet our perception has the key to unlock its power.

As we growth and evolve in alchemical cycles within spiral movement away from time and space and more into invisible side of our beings, our actions only take place through full inner alignment of heart, Body and Mind of all, followed by truthful actions/manifestation.
I am spending some alone time, to go deeper into not knowing and as much as I want to jump into doing and creation, I am still feel the need to ponder in silence and download more clearer messages and guidance for the next phase of this awakening for humanity, as well as the role I play as a Agent in service of Divine.

My main focus are divided to two projects, the first is still truly share my moment of learning and continue my walk in transparency, the second one which is taking over in a very large scope is to download and engineer all I am receiving to Build and Centralize as New Earth Civilization and all practical steps that need to be taken if we wish to live in more peace and experience Heaven on Earth.
Many of Facebook posts indicates of what comes from ABOVE as frequency, Waves and shifts and some other inviting Awaken ones to stay true their own inner guidance and individuality and bath is love and joy which currently is so easy to be felt for the ones who already cleared their lower vibration and fully committed to live by heart Centre. All is right and all is true. At the same time, unless we offer space in our physical reality for change which might even appear as destruction, and understand by staying in our physical reality and only feel light, we only access part of of our divine power.

We truly need to direct our energy and devotion to rearrange our physical design into a more combined and compressed directed source of energy to CO- CREATE with DIVINE MIND of ALL. I do not know many people so far on facebook that feel passionately and strongly to Become As ONE VISION and move into bigger community of light workers, allow their personal works and businesses merges under one UMBRELLA. Time is now and as a small bird of heaven, I am assigned to sing and voice EARTH UNITY in a far expanded vision than ever been introduced to Humanity and I was and still am feeling fear of how this is possible? Just a while back I was without a home and slept from The Airport and park’s bench to stranger’s home. I do not know why my heart burns inside out to stand and call the children of Earth to Unified and not by words, and no longer at separated geographic lands. If it is time to sell your house, quit your job, give your possessions to charity and say YES to FREEDOM and jump into flow of unknown, then please say YES. If we all allow the fire of heart moves us to direction of truth and love, we effortlessly will gather at the right location, start a new life base of equal partnership in everything. We need to start in present, now and here.

love and blessings

Serena Seraphim

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