Truth is happening now!

~Truth is happening now ~
Love and compassion are truth in action. A double edge sword cutting all illusion. Soul doesn’t wrap the truth in sweet words and loving sentiments.
It is the rise of Galaxies through Mother Earth, Healers are transforming into Majestic tower of Light. Walk the Soul. Your bodies is galactic light station, destiny of Earth depends on this allowing, freedom to serve the creator of all.

Be true to your own heart, the only focus should be on the Source, time to be the Hybirds of future.
New Earth is seeding the new civilization, tune into life power and take action, let go of all connections that no longer support the manifesting of the mighty Creator through human form and matter.

The un-stoppable happening Now.

We are the braves, standing alone as the Space Network station, Galactic Stargates and puried activated crystal missionaries of Truth, on planet Earth.

You know who you Are. Stand up.

Serena Seraphim

2 thoughts on “Truth is happening now!

  1. Hello Dear Serena,

    You are pretty incredible – your level of perseverance is very , very high and much appreciated by the rest of we truth-finders.

    Attached is what I have been diligently working on in the last two weeks. This provides a level playing field for every person on earth by recognizing that we while we are individually unique, underneath we have the same genetic code of values, morality, and ethics. We are one, that this provides a proof of our oneness.

    Serena, if the education institutions you have attended has a use for this material (values, ethics, morality, protections for those who are marginalized and disenfranchised) please forward this to them. My effort is to become a “Visiting Lecturer” presenting these materials. Spirit has told me that it is time to share this with the world. I am asking my friends to help in that request.

    I am glad we have connected again. Your message is needed in the world.

    Many blessings


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    1. Hi Daniel, it is a privilege and honor to have you and your timeless wisdom here. However I didn’t find an attachment, could you please forward it to my email which I sent an email to you last week. I wish the waves of change would have slow down a bit, so I could be more anchor to download the full vision board. If as I saw and felt somehow this body of mine lands in California, I am certain we can explore and possibly work together to serve the evolution of consciousness. I can see how we both are dedicated to follow our hearts.


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