Phase one- Gathering and anchoring on New Earth

The New Earth is designed on a motherboard pointed pressure centre of energy. That means the old sacred ground of earth no longer require healing and focus, it is a complete new energy grid forming below the surface shell of the planet.

How we recognise these power/pressure points? We pay attention to solar flux, weather change and we also focus as a purposeful/Intention pure Collective Consciousness.

The new design has 5 stages, which currently energized by solar waves and upgrade of HUman vessels into Space of Happening.

The first stage is take place, through regroups, relocation of Light tribes. The invisible magnetic field of alignment with Divine Destiny is in full power. Twinflames, contractor souls, Engineers, promoters of New Earth all coming to full clarity and power of their truth. The more we allow the input of New Vibration, the faster we move to the most possible timeline and accelerate the happening of materialized reality of Now coding and new timeline for all awaken elements into new frequency.

If we call the New Frequency, peace or Heaven, to build and create such a vibrational space on Earth, we as collective require to recognise the power of intention astral travel into multi dimension DNA of New Earth and within this process, we activates the motherboard pressure/power points. This process takes place on 5D, with ease and grace, unless the energy completely comes to alignment with purpose of that specific vessel or light group, we keep creating and accelerating until we become master Builders and creators in momentary window of Now.

We work from observant deck and do everything by alignment with Motherboard (Divine Original Codes), before physically we engage ourselves into our creation, we let this phase 1 be played to its final Mastery which feels like walking on water…

Awareness 24/7 even while our bodies are dreaming is required in this shaping and connecting unseen realms with Future of Gaia and Humanity/soul body existence on Earth.


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