New Earth & Civilization
Embodiment stages

Truth Embodiment is a process in timeless. It is a everyday choosing to be fully present in flow of life, without any thoughts unless they rise from creativity of soul, and not human condition.
I spoke before on topic of New Earth and Civilization, as my vessel also has been transported to the area that my mission as a Galactic connector will reveal and gradually unfolds, I was drawn to post these few points.

Imagine you are standing on top a high tower and have a 360 view on all takes place on the ground. You can witness the happenings, all comes and goes and you also can see the baby blue of sky. Clear from clouds. You are not expecting, analyzing, verbalizing, you are just breathing, observing and listening beyond your 5 human senses. This is the doorway of 5D life which makes it possible to interact from zero point which is the invisible and infinite possibilities, formless and neutral. Today, the collective has a power to manifest from Essence and in co-operation with flow ( life force).
Some of us in HUman bodies are designed and planted on Earth to be portals, locks, keys, connectors, generators, magnets, engineers to assist the recycle and transformation of Gaia which supports HumanBody (physical, matter) of Our Collective Consciousness ( eternal, soul).
At first stage, New Earth is a frequency existence, which individual (duality moving to oneness) is selecting in daily basis by thoughts, emotions and also alignment with Universe.
The second stage, is the assistance of higher realm in form of energy, angelic messages, downloads, codes and DNA upgrade, which being receptive, accepting and allowing is the only way our human body could be benefited as a part of the whole, this is known and focused at as ASCENSION and AWAKENING.

The third stage Which is just the beginning to shift from human value centre to zero centre of Divine. This is where the doer transforms forever to a neutral observer (on top of the tower) and that is the place our work as Awaken unveils through living in present. Most of the assigned Soul for this process (Front runner) already been inspired through visions, childhood initiation, weirdness all through human life. At this stage, phase one of Motherboard God begins which is relocation on Earth. In 2018, many keys, portals, engineers and soul performers will relocate to be an energizer between unseen (Divine Grand plan) and the required manifested steps which brings the energy into 5D level of form.

We are currently moving through stage three, some ahead and some just entered June 2018).
In the coming two months before 8.8.2018, the Engineers and vision holders of New Earth, will be supported to stay in light triangle and download full details of the set up of a New Civilization, how different soul tribes will need to gather at physical level to constantly work as collective frequency in one place. Each tribe has their mission activated at cellular level ( if so far they fully surrendered to solar waves upgrade and also have tamed the Ego of human body self. ) in final stage of level three, relocated souls begin anchoring their specific mission and crystallise the divine plan and design for that specific group of collective. Through connectors the different lightworkers (tribes) will communicate within primary pyramid of Divine/Soul/Mission until they are ready to introduce the complete New Earth Template to All.

That will the Phase two, where I am still receiving data.

One thing is very clear and that silence and listening to your assigned wave (Divine Self) is the key to manifestation.
Our talk and energy reports need to take secondary, this is action time, but again not with physical world, only with the mission data, downloading and connecting dots. Before Lion Gate, silence and dedication are the keys to recognise ascension is not about humanity and earth, it is the confirmation of existence in forms we have not experience yet and we will.
What is coming through as a New Earth will be a platform for Galactic Union and Universal Peace.

Serena Seraphim
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