Moving in New July 2018


Creating a new culture of living peacefully with each other and the planet is our number one need and hearts’ desire. As a collective consciousness we have arrived the momentum that buying a land and creating sustainable eco village no longer can support the surviving of our planet or ourselves as human species.
We need to move forward considering a full transformation in our way of thinking and therefore living. We need to PLAN, ENGINEER and BUILD LIGHT CITIES for our AWAKEN CIVILIZATION. This requires many fundamental, social and financial changes to even begin design this vision. Clarity and focus on every aspect of Vision is the primary part of this Template and as we move deeper into heart of One, we shall receive more details of other aspects of EARTH UNITY Project.
Activation of Codes of Creation is a long term process in physical dimension, as we move to second half of 2018, phase one which is relocation of Light tribes are speeding up, as well as finding and joining to assigned Light Tribe and also union between twinflames/twinsouls.
Silence and return to primary relation which is with the Source at every step of the New Frequency Co -Creation is where we need to focus at. Living in UNIFIED realm requires complete freedom from Ego Plane and all attachments and emotions that comes with it.
More than words, our energy reflects our commitment and devotion to ALL.
In the coming month, We will spend time to create a blue print of what feels our next collective steps to transmute frequency into matter, first designed template as A LIVING UNIVERSE and not just in Support of Earth and our Solar System.

Understanding this Global Upgrade at HUman levels is a part of a UNIVERSAL upgrade and a larger Scale of LIFE FORCE, NEW EARTH is in process of RE-Creation and Unification with other Galaxies and universes, which reveals its coding step by step.
At our zero point, THE DIVINE VISION is our map, sacred template and momentary frequencies which unlock codes and symbols to HOW this work has to take place by light tribes across the Gaia.


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