Update pilgrimage of heart



Beloved Tribe, friends,

It has been a new level reality of 5D while crossing across USA since last Tuesday. After landing in Seattle, it was moments of uncertainty that I will have a place to sleep which with help of my Guardian Angel/sister manifested. Then taking the bus in USA was a new experience and very different from Europe, with all sensitivity and energy waves, I Am became fully witness activated mood, which I could see how my old programs are leaving the consciousness and even it took almost 40 hours, travel with delays in couple of bus stops include LA greyhound Station, being surrendered by low and some shadow frequencies, somehow I stayed at neutral mood, observing. Body became very tired and exhausted by the time I arrived Phoenix, it was 76 hours without sleep. So when my beautiful sister Sherry picked me up, my body was so close to collapse and her welcome to her serene home and loving family was truly did a magic and I am gradually finding my being breathing more balanced and centred.
They are constant acceleration and integration to 5d frequency and moving effortless with flow. Visions are stronger since my landing in AZ,it feels like a radio in my head hearing Clear waves of Sirius, deep remembrance is taking place within this vessel.
The guidance is to be in Sedona nature from 7- after 11th August. Somewhere out of town. I see an small gathering at night, souls are assigned to receive their Star coding and power to unlock the final seals of this universal and galactic rebirth into present. I know my physical presence was and is required for this, however some might join by etheric body.
As we land deeper and deeper in feminine energy of Now and be fully aware and allow the happening, I share this Pilgrimage as a small puzzle of Our ONE UNIFIED PRESENCE to work and serve Truth of Unity, One Love, The Source of all.
This morning I received some info on the location and pointed to a Ranch in Sedona.
They have a cabin available for max 2 and rate of $69. I have no car and my abundance with paper is $20.
I am opening my heart more to all there is, as my brain has no clue why I am guided to Sedona, my soul deeply vibrating and dissolving if not by now, in Divine Will that I just can be more soft and allow what ever the reason, purpose or doing, either through my vessel or others (One), come to shape this in matter, so be it.

Your gifts and donations are welcomed, I have been provided sanctuary, wonderful bedroom, food and amazing sisterhood, which my heart sees and receives gratefully and in joy of our oneness.
My pilgrimage is continuing and if you wish to support please forward your donation


So my body continues her existence as the intensity of the flames of Divine passion to be in Now and present / work as an activator/ Architect/ Engineer of New Earth Civilization template is burning me inside out.

It is the time to voice, manifest, design and share at a complete new level as An agent of Light and server of One and as I also walk with nothing, always in zero point, I ask my other parts ( my heart souls) to join this movement if they sense the alignment and be the present and voice and action of Our New Earth.
Please join the mailing list


Thank you

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