Lion Gate is Closed now and the vision holders of Sirius can rest in stream of a new waves activation, allowing time and space to sink into the frequency and transmute the codes into action plans of NEW EARTH GOLDEN VISION.

At the beginning of 2018,  forerunners noticed the sudden shift from 3D to 5D vibrational as well as what seemed earth time which was never clear and specific, now feels in absolute harmony with EVENTS and HAPPENINGS. Part of the NEW EARTH TEMPLATE is accessible now for the assigned tribes and soul families  to see, align and begin their walk/purpose, in a very mindful manner.

Using words comes with responsibility now for all LIGHT WORKERS. Any personal desire to gain a benefit, promote personal brand, using INSPIRATION and SOCIAL MEDIA without recognizing that from this moment on WE NO LONGER INDIVIDUAL LIGHTWORKER and need to find that inner alignment with our DESIGNED SOUL FAMILY is VITAL.

IF you still work from the space to provide your basic surviving needs and what you have experienced and mastered is still conditioned to continue your EARTH HUMAN STORY then you really need to face the EGO domination within and your inner work with all the LIGHT KNOWLEDGE is not finished.

And if you already in flow and your life does not have a shape and borders, if all you know, is the NOT KNOWING of PRESENT, if you are prepare to live detached from all outcomes, individual and collective, then the new upgrade will smoothly move you to the next phase, the GATHERING OF TRIBES, MASTER ELDERS, VISION HOLDERS and Work CREWS of NEW EARTH Blue print template. You are Ready to be the RECEPENT and Embodiment of DIVINE WILL AS the POWER of CREATION. MAGNETIC MANIFESTOR PHASE ACTIVATION will comes to its FULL POWER IN SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER @2018.


As our light-body evolves and our consciousness expands and could access quicker the Quantum fields of Creation, we require be more aware and focused in PRESENT. At the same time with the last upgrade in our human Light Body, now Energy is available to for GATEKEEPERS to connect the GALACTIC TEMPLATE SYSTEM TO NEW EARTH TEMPLATE, our human light bodies has become a powerful bridge/ Gate between un-manifested ( Spirit ) and Manifestation ( Matter). If so far you have been focusing on grid works and Earth Gatekeeping, you can access higher energy and frequency ( DIVINE LOVE/12 Sphere ) in higher dimensions and can through Light Body and INTENTION, could bring them forth in PHYSICAL to shape the action plans (FOLLOWING THE MOTHER BOARD DESIGN). This level of creation requires mastery of Silence, Intent, Crystalline Heart and OBSERVANT mood, so in MOMENTS, your divine mind works with far higher INTENSITY and Use ALCHEMY to direct your soul energy pattern (INTENTION) in SERVICE OF CREATION into form and matter and you can witness how the unsolved puzzle of the last hard and intense  years of your Physical/Human life suddenly  join to OTHERS Piece of Puzzle and MAGNIFIED  the PART OF NEW EARTH VISION /Design for YOU/SOUL GROUP to collectively  take ACTION.

This means the energy allows the AWAKEN  the Space and TIME to become MASTER of the NEW Codes and play SMARTER when it comes to Manifest part of the NEW EARTH TEMPLATE through their Calling and Purpose. Honoring the inner voice and accepting the rise of events in moments will continue to be the themes for the rest of the year.

Collectively, It is time for less talk and more power of silence and marinating the FORCE that enters to matter from EMPTINESS. Soul Flexibility and biology clearing (DNA) will continue for the rest of August and September.

Who are the GATEKEEPERS of Galactic System?

They are assigned Avatar Souls, STARSEEDS and Galactic Commanders  on Earth having access to MILKY WAY Consciousness. They are MASTER MINOPLATOR in SERVICE of Divine. They Heart is PURE, NO SELF State is fully activated and it is through their work and DEVOTION behind the Scene  that FUTURE of Gaia is PROTECTED.

To See the whole BLUR PRINT and Divine  Design for Current Shifts and Upgrades, the mind needs to be fully innocent, detach and open to Spirit. The Tides moving and transforming the face of earth, from global warming, fire, Earthquakes, Tsunami, … all following the Galactic TIDES, which normal mind will have an opinion about it, while awaken Mind is surrender to MIND OF ALL and  can access the Template of NEW EARTH/ STARS/ GALAXIES/ UNIVERSES.

To make this easier to understand, we will gradually create and share a framework for Soul Groups as well as all LIghtworkers.


  • NEW EARTH is Vibrational and Dimensional.
  • Through Frequency and purpose, we find, meet and merge with our ASIGNED SoulGroup.
  • With the Group, some might be Fully Awaken, the others in process, nevertheless because of Soul Skills and Gifts, groups begin to merge from 2018/2022.
  • THERE is/was AN ORDER for moving/transformation from 3D to 5D, HUMANS/EARTH/STARS.
  • OTHER GALAXIES are also upgrading to a far higher frequencies which supports our PLANET Existence now and in FUTURE!
  • THE TEMPLATE is DESIGNED to USE 144000 SOUL COLLECTIVE, PURE Consciousness to CREATE LIGHT PORTALS ( Like never before) to keep the LIGHT BODY of EARTH AND HUMAN BODIES IN FULL ACTIVATION, from this point on, which will lead to future communication to ADVANCED GALACXIES and life forms.
  • Our works/brands as individual lightworkers and energy workers have come to an End.
  • THE ONLY BRAND is EARTH UNITY. As Awaken Souls, By end of 2018/mid 2019 you no longer RUN a personal Business and in ALIGNMENT with Divine MIND, you can download the relvant instructions to recognise, and join to your light families and Soul Groups.
  • Our LIGHT Labels will eventually be removed and we all move forward as a UNIFIED LIGHT.
  • Magnetic Manifestors shall work behind the scene to create Financial Abundance, Finance and Connective HUBS, Supports for the rest of Soul Groups as the key Holders become more clear of their role and meet in physical, the First STAGE of NEW EARTH comes to its full manifestation and function.
  • The Initial Template is the EXACT BLUE PRINT of DIVINE DESIGN, as PYRAMIDS were designed to activated grids, the NEW EARTH is DESIGNED to OPEN GALACTIC GATES to FAR HIGHER FREQUENCIES in FORM.
  • Building (in specific locations, in Geometric Design) CITY OF LIGHTS which becomes HOME to 144000 Awaken Souls who are ready to live fully with NO IDENTITY is one of the Main projects.
  • Creating PEACE/LOVE School across the Globe where the true MASTERY could be TAUGHT and PRACTICED.
  • Having A CARAVAN of LIGHT MESSENGERS/ Avatars of LIGHT travelling across the Earth, to TEACH, share and practice, LIGHT LANGUANGE, SYMBOLS, SOUNDS and MOVEMENTS.
  • The list is far from this post and as we move deeper into GOD EMBODIMENT, the more could be accessed by Chosen ONES.


You are invited to join our mailing list, in the coming few weeks, the Vision and Mission Statements will be UPGRADED and be more specific to support different Soul Groups.












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