Equinox & Merging in Soveriginity


As Collective Consciousness we are at entry point of another major StarGate Mission and Creation. The Equinox is bringing a deep opening to power of ascending and merge of Sovereign Beings, the assigned starseeds whom their mission is to assist to empower the crystalline heart of One and Vision of New Earth Unity either already relocated or in process of relocation in the coming 12 months. The September month so far has been more focus on ending of all Human Stories and undetected programs. Also a break and rest time from the Roller Coaster of August. The last couple of weeks, a lot of reboot took place on memories of Blue Ray Sirian which had access to Divine Mind and ability to Download the Templates and relevant new activation codes due to a major Galactic storm of a dark Worm hole in centre of Universe which created a Tsunami of energy in the last few days of August and many of lightworkers direction and travel plans across the globe had a sudden turn around.

Now, the next week starting 23rd September, new wave have had enough time to integrated and move them more smoothly to their power location on Earth. It is important for the ones who know their assignment to trust this process of not being any control of these relocations or being held in one place. It has been really uncomfortable for some who actually still work behind the eyes and scene, they are HYBIRDS and Work with Divine SELF at highest dimensions and their purpose for now and months to come, to have full clarity of their assignments step by step, work consciously with Divine Design without allowing their Human interfere to slow or speed up this Merging STAGE, as by end of 2018, THEY ARE THE PURE VESSALS for FULL Activation of MAJESTIC PRESENCE on Earth. They sacred work and service unfolds through their PURE Presence, whatever mission they are assigned to is fueled by Silence and emptiness.
Most of these Starseeds are Galactic Gatekeepers, Warriors, Architects whom can access fully to Divine Mind cause of their full devotion and purity status. Their tasks are specific and they are still travel on earth alone and have not united with their Soul Family in Physical. Their locations also serves part of the physical unity and gathering of them in the same location to create an order and put together a divine strategy for the actions that collective Consciousness as tribes and also as awaken individual must take.
Through continues awakening, all Humans are or becoming UNIFIED through Crystalline Heart of ONE and walk, create and connect in totality and contentment, knowing and VIBRATING AS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
Where are we going?
As many so far saw and recognize the present of STARGATES, with their assistance, the frequency and illumination shall continue to rise and bring more stability and balance in Gaia energetic web of light as well as by relocation of Galactic Wizards, ( Please read the previous posts) their HUMAN Bodies, unlock, activated and Manifest the hidden Codes of Original Divine Design for this NOW & HERE across the Earth. These two poles, polarity ( Physical and Spirit) continue to upgrade the frequency of the planet and all livings in it and keep giving birth to Unified Self, which currently surface as union of Twinflames ( two Bodies and One Soul) and Majestic Presence ( The Manifested Christ consciousness in Body).
At the same time, as mental and emotional living fully are disappearing from Human/Body, Sovereignty expands in full spectrum of Micro –Macro. This means, tribes and soul families keep coming together, knowing and vibrating from the Heart, following inner guidance to shape their soul purpose and calling in service of all.
For some of us, it is the time to really bring our symbols, codes, keys all in relation to Design the NEW Earth Template and Workframes for the coming 150 years. The Unity is no longer a Vision, Universe is a living Being, Galaxies are merging in the coming years, the non- physical beings will come to visit the Earth, and t is our responsibility as AWAKEN to be fully committed to be STILL and AT peace.
We truly no longer need to speak and check at what dimension we live and what is unfinished! Could we trust our mind and or if we still need to follow others…
WE know we are not the knower, we know we also are not the knowing!
We are Witnesses. We are Also powerful Creators from the state of BEING, as in this time and space, something so magical is happening… THE DIVINE SELF is in full embodiment and the sweet sounds from not very far is the waterfalls of heaven, the abundance and glory of The Source in full manifestation.
The next few days expect new avenues opening up, unexpected surprises. Expect to be washed in joy of your soul. The last week of September will set a new cycle for the coming two months. The ones who have done all the let go and clearing will receive fully their POWER of DIVINE PRESENCE. For some, the struggle and discomfort at 3 levels still might continue, unless their choose to fully surrender their Human choices.
The game of Equinox is very much like a Halloween party. Choose your customs carefully. 😉Within the darkest space of Universe, one could unleash her own powerful magic, within void, the greatest light resides. Peace is our Essence, our legacy and our Galactic missions.

Talking is over rated, get into action, BE SOVERIGN, BE GOD.

** On personal note: I am about to leave Santa Clara, still not shown the next and have less and less interest to make things happen for the sake of having a shelter. I allow the coming few days to feel more of love that glides in and out of my human borders. A cabin in the woods and presence of the exact complimentary frequency would be a dream coming true to flourish my feminine being and touch my creative skin and pour love in and out of intimacy with all there is.
My heart longs for timeless love making in present of sacred, being embraced by my own love, in form of home, union and joy of sharing all I am with another.
Having my own home on earth after 10 years travel and living in temporary spaces, places, giving everything material away, seems a welcoming desire to focus, intent and manifest.
Please intent with me, for all of us who offered everything we owned, had and truly loved and cared for to be in service of Divine and walk bare skin into unknown.
We Die in love and reborn every day, may our hearts offering be a LIGHT in sky of One.
Very blessed Equinox to all.

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