Update/ Vancouver Island/ Hidden Codes of New Earth

I am having a coffee with my last few dollars for Now and it tastes so wonderful!
Something massive shifted and still clearing, not sure it is personal or collective, but I like to share some visions that I received on Salt Spring Island with all unknown and cold, I immediately felt the energy of Earth as ferry Left Swartz bay. I had the same feeling when I came to Victoria from Vancouver.
When I tuned it, the vibration took me back (or forth) to Atlantis civilization and the Sirians Designed Cities.
As Vision began to get stronger, I start swimming under water, beneath the Salt Spring Island, I saw symbols connected in a shape of a triangle, creating a centre. Like a gateway to another world. The deeper I looked, it all seemed the back of a huge Tortoise, with Dome shape designs all over like cities. It was shinning and I could hear a vibrational sound echo beneath the water. I was not in dream state, it was a vision but fully in present Happening!
I noticed the tortoise shell looks like Earth face and at the same time it felt it is beyond physical form and there was a sense of Jelly/ fluid form…. my first impression was a moving Stargate, saucepan, UFO…
Which I like to keep it open and see if I receive more info in regards that.

But regards what I personally felt and received regards New Earth Template..
So far many small guidance, instructions of design, codes, shapes, geometry as well as lines, have been arrived…
Like, I was shown the cities will be designed at three levels…
The mid levels will be where we Human bodies will live, in communities, the upper level will be a later design for our galactic connections, communications, also galactic transportation!
The below design is for the time, that Earth will go through the destructive waves, natural as well as Human made… for safekeeping life, like Noah Ship!

Somehow Vancouver Island has a hidden coding regards our future civilization, I sense the blue Ray Sirians beneath water, movement of life in another form/formless…
I also saw the enclosed natural happening while I was approaching and leaving.
I am certain, my body needs to stabilize in North America and as Human and my past connections to USA, I thought it will be there, but the last chaotic 10days since I returned from USA and divine flow keeps shifting and moving me from place to place, all I feel is more anchoring in Vision and the voice I am.

In this unknowing and not doing, my heart calls forth the magic of my star Ancestors and Elders to support the New Earth Consciousness which constantly comes to unfolding through many of us, especially the ones with a deep resonating with Sirius Blue Ray and Seraphim.
Serena is born for this. My calling, magic, duty to life on Earth, humanity, stars and galaxies is to deliver all template, frameworks, laws, govern structures, finance, operation and offer it to the assigned Souls who will be The Galactic Council on Earth in the coming 150 years to carry this forward…the purpose of this Ascension is Peace, Unity, and Purity.

With love and devotion to All.
Serena Seraphim


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