Divine Matrix /United Silence

“When something is holographic,” Greg Brenden says, “it exists wholly within every fragment of itself, no matter how many pieces it’s divided into … each segment mirrors the whole universe, only on a smaller scale.”
In our micro existence, we have reached to level of FULL OBSERVANT which as collective is a HOLOGRAPHIC REBOOT of Consciousness in now and here on EARTH, UNIFIED ONE HEART, BREATH of ONE.
From here, we only can go deeper into Silence, When GOD /DIVINE MATRIX is ACTIVATED AS WHOLE and our roles as AWAKEN is to be in present (which in our small scale of HUMANs means to see the MIRROR/ILLUSION of the world and fall into BEING which is a fragment of DIVINE CREATOR, takes us effortlessly to our DESIGNED HOLOGRAPHIC EXISTENCE which appears as ASCENDED LIGHT in SERVICE to ALL.
The coming two weeks of October 2018 are a major inner work, contemplation and surrendering everything to breathing, to being here, as multidimensional existence, allow the full embodiment of PRESENCE/ DIVINE SELF.
The coming days will be the closest to ORIGINAL DIVINE SELF, to enter a new level of INTIMACY and FREQUENCY, that only possible through dark side of Silence. It requires 24/7 days, naked and bare GAZE into INFINITY and ALL POSSIBILITIES that we collectively and individually could attract, create and manifest for LIFE, FOR GAIA and our HUMAN BODIES. LET GO OF allowe ever knew as ourselves, stories, relations, concepts and perceptions. WE ARE GONE, GONE BEYOND.
After this stage, our SOUL Capabilities as DIVINE SELF is in full power if we have MASTERED the Feminine and Masculine Principal. IF MATTER and SPIRIT are no longer separated in our perceptions, and our physical vessel is grounded enough on Earth, WE CAN and WE WILL move through this REBOOT successfully as a purified UPGRADED HOLOGRAPHIC CONSCIOUSNESS to play and be played in Divine Matrix/ The renewed Dream of Universe, to move higher into PURITY, LIGHT and OCEANS OF UNDISCOVERED EXPRIENCES as UNIFIED SOUL!
October 2018 is the Blank Page that when we observe, in full clarity and silence, we recognize the invisible map/web of data, codes, locations, history and future to our NEXT Phase of NEW EARTH manifestation.
Currently, most of awaken souls are invited to be in Silence, to listen and learn to move as ONE breath, one MIND, ONE GLOBAL ACTION.
Some lightworkers ARE coming together as a NEW EARTH BUSINESSES which supports all and collective, socially, spiritually and financially, however this stage will merge by 2020 within a wider template of NEW EARTH. Some others enter to their individual educational activation tasks, some will come in front of the scene and some others, go even deeper into faceless presence.
Wherever feels align, is where we will be.
The more we collectively choose to walk, share and exchange free of perceptions and limitations ( like lack of money, too much of personal preferences, attachments of any sort, any believe that keeps us as a knower, doer, any identity personal or even collective!). Purity has no border, face, agenda, label, interest.
At state of purity,
The only Reality is Divine, is God. The only Home, is Now.
Where our planet is heading? What can we do, or be to serve the Ascension?
How we live, conduct our lives in this NEW EARTH? How many Spiritual Teachers and speakers do we have or need?
Mind always asks and creates a line of inquiry and questions.
There is no specific answer as all questions are irrelevant when it comes to surrendering to divine will!
And no matter how advance we think we are or know, how much more information we choose to express on social media to assist, inspire and teach, SILENCE IS THE LANGUAGE OF TRUTH.
WE are ACTIVE CONSCIOUNESS in DREAM of ONE, UNIVERSE is the mirror of ALL. OUR Roles are in constant change, upgrade and pause, start again. Silence is what holds everything together.
WHATEVER we receive in form, words, purpose, plans are ACTIVATION CODES, working as point of reference in Divine MATRIX. WE ARE ETERNAL WITNESSES.
With abilities beyond normal HUMANS, we Can interact when our HUMAN WILL fully SURRENDERED to DIVINE WILL. THEN GRACE is the FORCE of CREATION.
In this reboot phase, we have the opportunity to move beyond the SCREEN. There is no veil to be removed, when one does not see a mirror! only in MIRROR we see the Veils.
Behind the MIRROR OF UNIVERSE, only Emptiness exist, the no-thing. The Absolute. ONLY LOVE EXISTS.

Serena Seraphim


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