Unified Remembrance /November 2018


November 2018 will be a significant month for many collaborating light tribes and individuals. We need to recognize evolution is a constant process and every day the ocean of consciousness renews herself. We not only need to fully neutralize and let go of our old Human programs we also need retrieve parts of our Soul which seems are in future and through this remembrance, NEW EARTH and CIVILIZATIONS will form.
Our current transformations ( Awakening) is taking place individually and COLLECTIVELY, however it is in different collectives and from November onwards it gets faster and will create cycles of HIGH and LOW, to Shape that specific Collective ASPECT into the DIVINE DESIGNED Particular, within the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS to bring forth the NEW EARTH into MANIFESTATION.
Some of lightworkers might look at this RENEWAL as an ACTION Tasks from Divine which requires to confront and constantly attack under name of revealing truth TO END the old program and earth system ( Which is currently consider 3D). I suggest and invite a deeper delve into our receiving data from higher realm and future, also Gaia, herself as a Conscious Being was and is our teacher into relate deeper to nature of ALL in unfolding of life, in here and in now.
OUR WORK as A UNIFIED LOVE & CONSCIOUSNESS, within Different Collectives is REMEMBRANCE. That means from the moment of full awakening, we use 24/7 linear to be a timeless ANTENNA within the infinite ocean of cosmos and tune into PARTS OF OUR FUTURE SOULS which already has lived in 12 Dimensions ad above and remember who we are there and how from HERE, WE WILL MAKE CHOICES as individual and COLLECTIVE to direct our INTENTION and VIBRATIONAL Existence into NEW EARTH TRANSFORMATION.
To make it more clear, we generally experience four seasons on Earth, each moving into another effortless, one appears as Cherry Blossoms and Sunshine and warmth, the other is cvered in snow and the air is cold and trees are bare. If someone has been in a very long sleep wakes up in Winter and instead of remembering the Cycle of this change, starts making NEW stories of how WINTER HAS TO CHANGE to SUMMER or SPRING, this perfection of Divine Design lose its harmony and balance.
OUR ASCENSION Process follows the same PERFECT PROCESS. Instead of looking everyday to smaller picture of or AWAKENING, we also need to see it from THE SOURCE PERCEPTION. That no old was wrong, ugly, even the most inhuman happenings on EARTH Serves part of Cosmos, the scope is beyond our soul knowing. That is why Silence and Space could be more effective to keep us at a deeper connection with TRUTH and Divine Creator.
I was and still drawn inward and I AM in process of remembering the future aspects of Self which is a micro of the BLUEPRINT of ONESOUL, and through that the mission that PARTICIPANTS LIGHT BEINGS TRIBES are designated for step by step, by vibration, alignment and Quantum Jumps Brings The NEW EARTH into form.
Being peaceful in face of unpredictable and constant physical movements on Earth has been educational. Learn how be fully present in current of Life & Service, listen to the Source and at the same time allow the spontaneous body ( Vessel )movements on Earth As Divine Orchestrated over the last few years brought me close to emptiness and accepting that MY HUMAN is GONE and vessel is fully ready and is prepared to whatever purpose she has to be used to Download NEW EARTH TEMPLATES from her Future Self.
THE Collective that I AM connected and SERVES the design of NEW EARTH over the last few days have been super active. A lot of movement in sky and data came through which I hope in my week on Gibsons Island ( Vancouver ) I would be able to process and offer here.
One fact that seems certain is different collectives require to create a RECOGNIZED STRUCTURE to offer a guidelines in form of a DIVINE ORGANISATION, as we continue to evolve even faster and living in different locations Globally, requires a more trustworthy and pure way of communication and connection than facebook and social media and only because it is no longer about our HUMAN, we are forming SPACESHIPS, STARGATES, LOVE SYSTEM on GAIA and we need to stop relating at our current view point and look from future point which already exist within our DNA and Activated codes.

Love and Blessings
Serena Seraphim ( Serena Devi)


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