December 2018 Update/Sacred Union


What is the universal Mind? And how the last weeks of December could become the essential ground for our collective and individual missions in 2019?

The law of One is where all different peaks of consciousness linked and shape a Universal Mind. As a multidimensional beings we travel Lower and higher dimensions in spiral reality and physical loops until all of Divine Aspects are United and can effortlessly be directed by the law of one. ZERO GROUND OF ALL POSSIBILITIES.
When we completely lose our human identity, we enter a new Energy System which as we currently experience upgrade our DNA, activate our Light body and at the same time, download all our angelic and galactic data into our Human vessel. The marriage of matter and spirit is to be Universal Mind/Heart/Body As God/Divine, here and now.
December is the final stage of this long courtship before the sacred marriage into Universal Mind/Heart of Divine.
Those forerunners/vision holders of Unity and New Earth Template whom been in waiting room of Stillness/non doing/solo/away from the eyes are about to receive the Master Key for the next phase of collective movement where Masculine/feminine aspects of One, either by now or in the coming 3/4 months effortlessly come together and Female(Vision, creative force), will be carried forth by Masculine (grounding and action), through this specific unions, across the earth and certain countries, a divine organisation system will be created which is very real in physical dimension, that means no more words and fb posts. This chosen forerunners are fully aware of their missions and roles and by having merged into two bodies and one divine destiny, the New Earth Council will be established and the fleet, crews and all related tasks will be assigned and follow through according to Law of One.
So, it is really important to individually take time to anchor this New Energy (Polarity Aspects of One), in the coming days as by end of December, the spiral will go a faster spin, to ground 12D purity, love, compassion and Joy in physical reality of now and present.
To cross the Grant Canyon, we need to be prepare for the Quantum jumps, normal hops no longer can support the speed of current evolution, it is time of the Mastery and full landing in Power of One.

Serena Seraphim Light

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