New Beginnings 2019/ Divine Organism

NEW Beginnings in 2019/ DIVINE ORGANISM

2019 is the year that collective Consciousness as DIVINE ORGANISM move forward toward a way of life that is outwardly simple and inwardly original/ Crystalline purity and Light.
There are two sides in Ascension, what takes place internally ( Inner marriage of Soul and matter/ Awakening to One) and what manifests as the Divine Organism in physical.
As awakening continues to speed up and more of humans able to see beyond veils of duality, forerunners move into new roles and purification of their purpose and mission. One of the activation keys in 2019, for the Awaken Masters is how to use and manipulate the energy by direct intention and power of Crystalline Heart, not necessary for the purpose of quick manifestation, but mainly to Move Within the Flow of One, as a navigator, a creator and an Attractor VESSEL. Work as AN ENERGY PORTAL, A BRIDGE BETWEEN SPIRIT & MATTER and BE A PURE MANIFESTOR.
Speaking of Truth/Ascension/Awakening is no longer sufficient. We require a Divine Holy Structure, in the form of A DIVINE ORGANIZATION, along with our constant collective renewal and upgrade as AWARENESS, to redesign and Re-Order our HUMAN Civilization, into a Divine ORGANISM. We are returning to SIMPLICITY, TIMELESS and PURITY. This means all Awakens already know they have to offer their programmed Human preferences of their style of life, their Light work, location, possessions into this RESTRUCTURING ALL of Earth living SYSTEMS, planet as well Human systems.
The requirement of a UNIFIED FOUNDATION AND ORGANIZATION as a forever evolving HUB is the theme of 2019. The New Earth Blueprint requires pure intention and detachment to all outcomes and to be a deliverable template which invites authenticity, full activation of the original Codes of Divine within Human consciousness to co-operate freely and holy to establish social, economical, physical, natural environments that foster Now and the Future of humanity and planetary well-being, balance peace and sustainable prosperity.
Our Mission as PURE AWARENESS is to be HERE, UNIFIED AS A DIVINE ORGANISM, so all of our creation, attraction serves to preserve LIFE.
We are born into bodies, while we are truly PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, our earthy birth was a bridge to transport/ transmute our frequency to matter.
ASCENSION is another bridge to whatever is the DIVINE DESIGN, to transmute ENERGY and CONSCIOUSNESS between UN-MANIFESTED and MANIFESTED. AS LONG AS WE ARE IN PHYSICAL FORM, WE ARE IN SCHOOL of Mastery. EARTH is a PARADOX and it will continue to be a PARADIGM after ANOTHER.
OUR MASTERY lies in how to play different roles without attachment to STORY, POSITION, OUTCOME from an OBSERVANT MODE.
THE REST of HAPPENING takes place NATURALLY within DIVINE ORGANISM, in the form of a divine impulse, an urgency, or as a vision and insight, might rise as some sort of heat and energy waves within PHYSICAL BODY, but there will be NO DOER, NO KNOWER. Always here, in present and in emptiness.
2019 is a year to STAND STILL INWARDLY and FOCUS on OUR FRACTIAL BLUEPRINT of NEW EARTH and CIVILIZATION, then ALLOW NATURALLY our ACTIONS Proceed from these IMPULSES, INSIGHTS, to come together as DIVINELY PLANNED, AS A COMPLETE BLUE PRINT, creating a consciousness-oriented TEMPLATES, PRACTICAL HUMAN STEPS, Binding and covering each of the fundamental components essential to BUILD A FOUNDATION, A GLOBAL PLATFORM to Support, Unite our LIGHT Communities, Embrace our Divine Creative Potential and Establish a Simplified, Light Oriented and sustainable way of living on Earth that preserves Life.

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