The Living Universe

an essential component of total upgrade of THE LIVING UNIVERSE.
As we evolve in our understanding/awakening to true nature of self, Human Vessel, coming together in soul groups to fulfil our divine assignments, live more consciously on Earth, it is purposeful to remind ourselves that our materialism and visible parts of our reality are the result of inner alchemy of the living Universe which is and continue be invisible to our normal human sights. In our eternal journey as Consciousness, we are Empty Passages that Force (Divine Will) moves through and bring all invisible potent components into physical reality to support the CONTINUES OF THE LIVING UNIVERSE.
Because our view of the universe creates the context within which
we understand and choose our future, it is critically important that we
have an accurate understanding of our cosmic home AND DIVINE DESTINY.
IN unformed and TIMELESS Universe, everything is possible, because the frequency of Life is The Ultimate purity/No-thingness. Imagine the complete Darkness of womb of the mother, a heart beat in void. This is where we are going as Awaken/Collective Consciousness. The higher your frequency is, the easier Divine Will moves through according to this Living Universe Design.
Everything is possible, because everything is purposeful. This purposeful is beyond 3D and normal human mind and perceptions.
The reason of this fast acceleration and integration which involves Many Humans come to be awaken is to upgrade along side of the rest of the living UNIVERSE, New Earth in a huge part of Gaia energetic upgrade as well our Human Civilization. We have passed the Point of No RETURN.
And Becoming One with Force means, we are about to lose more and more of physical materialistic perceptions to reevaluate our Human body social, economical, environmental, spiritual, cultural, educational, values and principals.
To live consciously is far deeper work than speaking of codes and light languages (with all do respect to All), it is the time communicate with Universe with respect with all of our Resources to make global practical steps to distribute prosperity, safety, food, shelter equally and fairly as our NewEarth Foundation. So many of Earth guardians, assigned Starseeds are about to come together as Active Hubs to connect All The Dots to serve this Divine purpose. Equality, Simplicity, Transparency/Heart Purity are not words,THEY ARE DIVINE ORDERS THAT HAS TO COME TOGETHER/ as Trinity that Governs Divine Organization in the coming years, the linear future shall continue without concept of Time for all Awaken Light/Human Brings, nevertheless as long as we are here in physical, we need to be Earth stewards and Guardian of the children of earth.

I invite you to join our website and mailing list. 2019 is the beginning of a great changes toward Unified Vision of One Love, creating tangible resources and funding not just to support Collective Ascension but also bring together Lightworkers, forerunners as purposeful micro part of Divine Organism.

In 2019, our mission is to create an Order to anchor Divine Crystalline templates across globe, to design and paste the Divine Unity Organisation BLUEPRINT, IN COMING MONTHS we will share the transitions steps, locations, roles, how to facilitate for each other as One community, offering strategy to move from being just an Online Ascended Souls to really be Truthwalker on Earth.
2019 is the year of Unified Actions, as finally Masculine and Feminine principals are healed and empowered in Human Ancestry DNA, and can merge and unite, also be an open space and Vessels for the arrival of The Source, as the ultimate Creator of all.
The Living Universe is expanding fast and beyond our even 5D understanding, it is an invitation to Ride with Cosmos Waves.


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