February 2019/ Nature DEsign of Divine

Angel winged

The time is always NOW. In realization that we are Not A Separated life and our Bodies in truth are perfectly connected as ONE and all is following a designed PLAN and Flow.

As we move higher into pure light and our Divine Essence, our assignments and Heart Codes effortlessly activated and bring more balance and UNITY between our Divine Aspects. 2019 assigned as a YEAR of UNITY for TwinFlames of Seraphim. This happening is part of a bigger plan/ Ascension DESIGNS to serve Earth and all livings.

We all receive all our won direct guidance and at some level within the unlimited ocean of KNOWING and RECOGNIZING, we each only access our own assigned code to bring in the required ENERGY and FREQUENCY into our own Body as well as OUR SURRENDERING and ultimately our assignments and how all these small and large roles we play as HUmans and evolved light beings bring together the BLUE PRINT and TEMPLATES of NEW EARTH.

They are stages in the awakening and activation and all purposeful. There is no competition and no one knows more or less than the other. We all are ONE, in perfect Harmony as ONE, even our daily chaotic happening are part of these amazing Grow and moving collectively into FREEDOM.

I am arriving to the time that my HEART and BODY has come to complete UNITY, my masculine and feminine are united and I have the frequency of a DIVINE IMPRINT TWINFLAME SERAPHIM.

I was given the map of my current life at the age of 5 years old and I never forgot my promise to DIVINE CREATOR or my original then and even after that I grow up in one of the lowest frequency countries in the world. But I refused to answer my calling more than once. I was shown my path is the path of Barefoot walker, the path of Prophets, like Jesus, I need to carry my cross and be betrayed by the one I love and trust. I also have to arrive in complete selfless STATE of Being to be able to speak and voice the knowing that lies within this consciousness  and I was too much of a human, too much of fear to accept my calling and path.

The journey is beyond this sharing and will require a more detailed story, perhaps a book or memoir in the coming years.

For today, I am guided to share the part that serves our current WAVES of ASCENSION.

“ Ether is the Natural Design of Love, flowing into Form. As our Body has been and still continue to be upgraded at DNA level, so the planetary energy grid of Earth requires to not be upgraded ( As Earth Already Done that), but also through HUMAN PORTALS, these frequencies form a new MATRIX Lines that ACTIVATES and ANCHORS across the FACE OF EARTH. These INTERSECTIONS/ GRIDS are DIVINING the EARTH into POWERFUL HUBS of FREQUENCIES to materialize, transmute, direct, pull, attract whatever is required for FULL LANDING of STARGATES & Implementation of NEW EARTH TEMPLATE.

MY physical body is one of many Vessels which are ASSIGNED  as A KEY to facilitate this HEAVEN/EARTH harmonization through HEART CENTRE/ AND PURE PRESENCE.

If I am pure enough for this task, I never can tell. If it was up to my human, she was still refusing her call, cause it costs HER everything and everyone she loved and cared for in her Human History. What is here, is PURE DEVOTION and CONSCIUESNESS in Service of ONE, and today the recognition was so huge nd my human brain still is trying to find right words to convey this message.

In the most simple way, WE HAVE ENTERED to heaven natural Design, the ones who already feel this, they will also know their roles for the coming months and years. It is beyond our categories of healers, teachers and so on….

2019 is the year that HUMANITY will remember as a MASSIVE MIRACLES, QUANTUM LEVELS of PURPOSEFUL Manifestation, FLOW OF ABUNDANCE and coming together of HEARTS, in purity and innocence, to love and be love.

Over the last two years, my body has been moved across the Earth and all my attempts to stabilize and begin some earthy work have been pointless. Cause I AM THE ANCHOR and BLADE of Seraphim LIGHT and until I bring the full frequency into my BODY, no land would be able to offer me a landing space. Today, I woke up knowing I am Bringing my EARTH HOME into manifestation in this month ( Feb 2019) and also it is within power of my Consciousness to Establish the Foundation of NEW EARTH BLUEPRINT and offer a GLOBAL HUB to all ASSIGNED LIGHT BEINGS, as well as providing all material resources to facilitate DESIGN and COLLABORATION of NEW EARTH DIVINE SYSTEM.

How a homeless, moneyless, powerless woman who has been on a road, at the receiving part for many years could become such a MAGNET and PROVIDER, is a mystery to myself, but I am moved to speak of such happening and feel my human emotions all through my body and also see through the eyes of ONE that I am chosen for this great PURPOSE, to not just be a volunteer, but also walk the path of sacrifice and receive the coding of HEAVEN’s PROSPERIY in my HEART and work through it, to flourish the planet and all awaken hearts.

Couple of hours ago, a divine sister sent me 144 in currency! As I was receiving this major breakthrough frequency, her love codes arrived.

The only REALity is Present, the only truth is ONE.


I am Seraphim Light, the flames of One.

6 thoughts on “February 2019/ Nature DEsign of Divine

  1. Beautiful, and moving sharing Serena. We are never truly homeless, when we live fully within our heart. As an expression of the Elohim, I have committed to resurrecting the Goddess energies that were Lemuria. We all have our assignments should we choose to “show up”.


    1. Thank you Paula, I guess you never asked for food and a place to stay… Physical reality is a reality, no emotional charge is there when the word “homeless” is used. Without being Centre in Heart, no vessel could walk the path of surrendering. 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It takes surrendering to spirit to a whole new level. I was there once, and the benevolence of the universe supported me. I lovingly offer you a place in my home, whenever you need one.


      2. Beautiful heart, thank you. It is about 10 years not having my own space, two years full surrendering… It is all perfect and sacred. I have no needs, body requires shelter and food to be here. My sharing is not from the place of need! Never was and never will. It is honoring life, moments and flow. Having said this much, my home is on her way in addition of all wealth and abundance that arrives to support our collective Evolution. I am One. We are One. Love & blessings


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