The Happening

NEW EARTH DESIGN 2019 – Continues
New Earth Unity is a divine blueprint MODEL, currently UNFOLDING through alignment of entire universe Within DIVINE ORGANISM. Year 2018 individually and collectively we crossed the no return Bridge into higher energy and frequency which some labelled as 5D and above.
On a bigger picture of Ascension and awakening, the happening took place and what was seeded in Heart of Life on Earth, now have an infinite possibilities to move and interact in physical and into form, in complete harmony with God/Divine principals and laws, as a perfect ONE Realiity, which in our understanding is called Unity!

As many awaken souls take their steps into an effortless process of consciousness-oriented communities and taking action to form Light groups, sectors, schools of awakening, healing and the continues birth of our sovereignty and sharing the Truth of Who We are.
Some awaken ones drawn into another cycle, calling them deeper into remembering and re-examing their heart codes, to bring a deliverable social, economical, environmental and spiritual restorative Design and Template into form, as a Global and GALACTIC Foundation to offer a fair united governess to support our Oneness and invite awaken, open heart and devoted men, women, children to bring their unique gifts, voice, resources of time, space, finance, joy and passion to live an authentic life nationwide.
To design and implementation of New Earth Blue prints, practical guidelines, steps and communications hubs are required.
Additionally, we as collective conscious and awaken species need to develop new ways of connecting with our physical Reality, it is beyond our own personal growth and DNA upgrades.
As Light beings, we might wish more speed in transforming our physical environment to a more harmonious and abundant ones, to experience more of our deep love, joy and peace and desire for well being of all, nevertheless in our linear reality, we need practical steps globally to direct our Unity movement for eras to come, to srve the children of Earth, now and what we see and know as Future.
They are principles need to be followed and considered which requires Mastery in many Earth oriented fields in addition to Open Heart and Pure Intention.
The need to have a divine ORGANIZATION IS vital, and that could only happen when our individual sovereignty completely respected and recognized, it is important to know our own Soul calling into this time and space, the purpose of our carnation and our specific blue print in relation to New Earth Blue print.

What is our role as a free agent of Service of One?
What is our expression? Are we are a wayshower, healer, teacher, divine frequency speaker and guide?
Are we a leader, architect and solution founder in support of this movement? What are our responsibilities toward good of all?

Do we wish to continue as Ascension reality and continue looking at clouds and speak of sun photons and how every day we are more United and know ourselves as One/Divine or we truly are landed in the vibration of Mother/Father God and ready to walk on Earth in light body and with crystalline Heart?
Our choices lays somewhere between Will & Surrendering!
If we are truly empty, then we will be filled by relevant frequency to perform as Divine Will to take strategic steps and actions to re-structure the Earth Systems, to free all men from slavery and not by talk, by full devotion in offering practical steps.
We are standing at the edge of a true Phenomenon Happening, our Integrity will be tested even more deeper than before.
As we are becoming the authority (Majestic Presence) on Earth and the way we play this role in our lives and in our relations will determine our collective success to Unite Human nations and rejoice our freedom on tis beautiful planet.
This is the starting point of a 160 linear years transition on Earth, to bring its vibration to pure love, peace and be The Haven of all Planets in this galaxy.
Every thought, emotion, every word counts.

We are no longer becoming Gods, we are the Ones and we must take a full responsibility fpr our Creation, individually as well as collectively. Choose your tribes in complete alignment through heart centre and not the words and preachers. See and observe, who has truly walked their talk, has truly offered all personal preferences to be a servant of One.

Before the end of 2019, our authenticity will bring our heart investments of years into manifestations and only openness and full disclosure can embody the New Earth True Frequency(Purity) to be the empty space and receptive of such a divine roles.

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