The Happening/ 2019 is a new Dawn

The HAPPENING/ New dawn on Earth

From the start of 2019, everything related to ascension and awakening speeded up. If your process is to let go, heal, realize and return to silent mind, your life might be a boiling pan that you do not know what to do with yourself, so by now following and joining an awaken Teacher and group seems the best way forward, and it might be useful for having some understanding of the stages of awakening, nevertheless, it is within and aloneness with the creator of all that removes all veils.

If your awaken and already working with timelines and have receiving your guidance, data and the role which assigned to your consciousness, you also might joined to your soul family and shaping a collective movement to serve humanity and awakening.
It is also appears, some of awakens work with a galactic consciousness and preparing humanity for the timelines we will have Visitors on planet Earth and they heart and love are so pure and innocence that only having the align frequencies and purity will manifest this Galactic and Universal gathering.

There are many ways to wake up and also many Earth Soul Groups and Crews will coming to form in the coming 5-7 years. It will be some falls between Awaken leaders and teachers like any other revolution, due to lack of clarity and self benefit seeking which will be removed shortly after and this grow and advancement of Unified Soul will continue for the coming years on Earth.

The happening is more of a frequency happening than physical moment. As collectively in whatever timeline you are/and as a Divine collaborator are assigned to by your soul signature and Light DNA, your presence is already effective and creating ripples which in the coming few years, by 2021, the physical side of begin to manifest at a noticeable changes worldwide and also in relation to space, stars and other planets in our solar system.

For forerunners everything is about to transform in 2019 according to their original blueprint, assigned timeline and the role/presence they are moulded and shaped as Human/Light vessels.
Some of forerunners are working directly with this timeline/awakening and ascension. You read their energy reports, listen to their podcasts, attend their group meditations. They are named wayshower, gateeepers, gridworkers, lightworkers, frequency holders.
They assist humanity to go through divine upgrade as smooth as possible. They run courses, offer free guidance and invite your authenticity and true self to step forward.
Some of these teachers are forerunners but not all of them, forerunner are the ones that during this physical carnation from childhood had and have direct contact and mystical experiences with Divine Mother/Father. Not angelic or ascended Masters and other aspects of Divine.
They are in constant shift between timelines and receiving data, insight and visions, sometimes very specific and other times only pointed factors.
2019 is a huge year for forerunners and their roles in a bigger picture of Earth/Gaia/Human Ascension.
The happening is close and is felt by our internal antenna. Our roles shape and work only in moments and by now if you are reading this far, you know staying as observant serves far better than taking actions or even sometime speaking. The one whom are assigned for the happening will take actions/their Light body will be moved to do so, the rest will hold the frequency through silence of mind. Anchoring in heart.
As collective consciousness, we truly need to Allow Divine moves our bodies into any related doing, otherwise, silence within and openness and when required telepathy with Others(Their higherself if the frequency is not in alignment, will serve the good of all.

The role of New Earth Unity Foundation is to provide a hub, templates, and design a practical, spiritual way of life base on Divine highly purified blueprint for all livings on Earth, to live simple, authentic, peacefully. However, the path to create and follow through the unity vision is beyond talks and lectures.
It requires sacrifice, commitment, clarity, and selfless actions. The seeds of Unity Vision is planted now, but the timeline is in our linear future. The guidance so far indicates 160/170 linear years require to completely renew Human beings into their Godlike Frequency, to live peacefully on Earth and have close contact with beyond.
None of us knows anything really, we are opening up and at the same time activating into new abilities, gifts, visions and within us there is a flow moving us into merging either with a group, or another soul, or even just a vision, at the same time, forerunners begin to be sealed in one specific timeline and light work which in coming years assist Humanity and all livings on Earth.
It is important to receive your inner guidance on how your vessel will be used, your human history could be a reference point on what your strengths are, when you were child, what was your intake from God! What creative force you are sealed with and how you can assist humanity and Earth by unleash and direct that force through manageable projects/lightwork/missions and assignment? You are co creating.

It is an exciting time, because our hearts are fertile and seeds which were planted even era before are coming to surface of Life, in physical. It is important to understand we are not the doer, the knower and our gifts, powers, insights, our bodies, everything belongs to the Source and not try to make that oneness with the world as appears and as we engage with.

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