The activation of 3.3.3


Today 3.3.3. We arrived and landed in middle world of New Earth, where our day to day reality becomes the most powerful realm, present moment is where everything happens, at the same time, middle world is created by what we see and know in linear/ Future. When we fully surrender to life and let go of all identities, stories and maintain observant position, the world becomes our playground. Our intentions become magical wands and present is where our mindfulness moves us gracefully through not knowing of life, and yet be able to relishing the abundance of the Earth in ease and effortless.
When we speak, spirit speaks. When we move, Spirit moves. The unity that we are witnessing is shaping a new higher abilities in human race, that only can master by innocence of Heart, a divine instinct, a way to become Master of Universe without Presence of any false Self.

The future of Earth is happening now. The question is are we ready to fully let go of our collective shadows? Recently the awakening movement has become another untrue and toxin layer which requires to be let go of once and for all. Only the inner Guru is real, only the world you choose to live in becomes real. We are storytellers from beyond whom neither made of nor defined by the story. Our greatest ability lays in witness state, where we evolve through it and collectively we develop the new ability to dream a new story, Our NewEarth is that story which mainly coming to manifestation cause at soul level we all remember it from Future of Earth.
This is the date, we individually choose in what dream we want to live. Many call and introduce this as dimensions, unity and many other words. It is time to stop looking at sky and act on our inspirations, divine impulses without fixing on a known story, ascension can Not become more important than Truth. Truth is the creator lives through us, we are borderless ocean of consciousness in forever renewal and expansion and today we require much less effort to bring this new dream into our experiences.
At the same time, we need to understand our roles as Earthkeepers, the stewards of all life on this planet.
Investing so much of our creative force in conversations and promotions is waste of Earth future and present resources.
Returning to our inner world and fully master the mind without too much interference from outer world is the true spiritual path and awakening, no one outside of us could offer that liberation. Each awaken soul/light body is a bridge between physical and the spirit realm. Self Mastery only comes by daily practice of stillness and absolute acceptance of life as it is.
For us to create this collective dream, is to become soft and tender so deeply within that the force of creation/God/the source flows effortlessly over, through and below the bridges of Human anchors. We invented names for these bridges, gatekeeprs, gridworkers, wayshowers and so on..the truth is we only need to not caught up in illusion, the outer world is the smoky mirror, our movements toward a peaceful, simple and sustainable Earth is not possible through the mirror, we require access to our true essence, blue print and pure intentions.
Today, We are standing at Andean Cross, the hole in the centre is 3.3.3 gateway to interdimensional travel to higher states of awareness and wisdom to completely break free from linear time and connect to Future dream and from this day on Earth, the awaken ones step backward from their future consciousness into present, and map out, and AS AN ACTIVE AGENT OF DIVINE MAGNET, pull in the the energy of The future Dream into Current Flow of Consciousness, in form of abundance, gathering of tribes, Divine Organization and Heart Leadership.

We heard the number of 14400 so often in regards to this happening, I do not know and do not understand the purpose of our collective overpreparing for future transformation of Earth, the tasks at our disposal requires more attention and we can leave that happening to the rest of children of the Earth, and only focus and listen within to what Divine impulse activated and offer our full collaboration to true self and enjoy the present, this moment.

The roles will be play out peacefully and individual assignments and missions are will be fulfilled when there is no attachment to a certain outcome.
Please be aware of the False Self promoters who still you have to join a course, attend a workshop, be this and that and invite you to their over priced retreats and online master courses. The true servants of one, claim nothing, offer everything. They walk exactly as Christ on Earth and refer you to be united with Divine directly than through them.
Our dream is changing, but law of Love, faith, innocence has not changed.

Truth speaks in silence.

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