This writing includes two parts, one is my personal journey and experiences as Human, Vessel and ongoing transition to be a pure agent of Divine Will and the other, what I channel and receive in momentary (The Presence) alignment with Universe, Star gate, Location and My unique DNA Coding, gate keeping and sometimes gridwork which serves and assist the collective ascension and more crystalline on New earth Blue print Templates.


Since my arrival in Bali and Ubud on 2nd March, the land has been fully supportive and has been carrying my vessel effortless from one stage to another. Some drama upon arrival and relocation too few Guest houses which each one reflects how I allow abundance arrives into my physical reality and relax more in Divine presence. I also had few encounter with dark energy and people either possessed by entities or unknowingly serving them by their life energy. I rarely speak or share about dark side of light as this is not the area I work with. I even recognize more of the dark energy on my arrival week by present of many westerns for a Yoga Festival and all through tiny streets of Ubud on bike or walking, their hunger and need for light and peace could be felt. After my personal experience with a group of light workers in South California and loss of my Chi and being under physic attack and then ending in LA and in a huge wormhole period (September 2018), I truly accept the existence of Dark in polarity as well as Oneness. The difference is in polarity and the world we live is as daily life, Darkness has more power due to collective fear and separation and other sort of beings beyond physical realm could manipulate individuals, even light workers to serve this impure intentions. However, if one truly stands in Unity and oneness with the source, they physic still might be attacked and or their open heart and energy will be seek by vampires but no harm could come and they one Soul and pure light and transparency will make them invincible. Well, Bali, The land of Gods is a great platform to witness this dance of dark and light.

For someone like Serena who has not much of anything from material, nothing is more interesting than witness herself in face of great lessons and how she needs to call in her own Mastery to return to inner peace. Bali from da first has been a challenge for m physical body as she is as sensitive to heat and energy and as we all know going through some huge Solar Waves, my body has been burning inside out and also many sleepless night. I also found it difficult to keep still, and some part of me ( masculine) wants to create, to engage with people, dance, have sex again ( make love) after many years celibacy! These are all true in my daily experiences also that Bali strangely give me the closest sense of HOME!

I always had a deep connection to north America Pacific Coast and when I left Canada after 10 months deep intense pilgrimage through USA and Vancouver Island ( finally having some resting time in Gibsons with gifts of good friendships and peaceful nature), I felt a permanent home will be manifested there, and almost 10 days before my visa ran out, I had this huge energy shift and Vision of Bali began vibrating through my entire physical body, I knew I am pulled to another Star Gate and a new assignment is activated and in such a blissful and effortless flow, all abundance and people whom need to be involved in this work appeared and we each devotionally playing our roles in full capacity, thank you my soul tribe, I love you as myself.

I am left with less than 14 days to leave Bali and reenter to extend my tourist visa and as my initial guidance was to stay for 3 months, I trust the required parts for this happening flows to me and I continue my Frequency work. Which this time feels not just opening the Gates and also myself being activated by hidden symbols, I feel a new gift which is coming into full activation and that is somehow speeding up the clearing of all untrue parts of collective, individual  and also dormant beneath the ocean.

Next week I am guided to spend few nights close to ULUWATA Temple and work around Sunset until I leave the Bali for one night stay in Kuala Lumpur. As usual m funding indicates how far in advance I can plan the next move, so not much of planning can be done right now. Just surrendering and accepting that my intension to stay on in Bali will attracts the required ingredients for manifestation.

Part of my Divine work was and is to form a NEW EARTH UNITY foundation which unlike some that already merged and working and most of them are Ego and self -serving and I saw few in Bali which their sole purpose is marketing and selling Products and keep the collective in need of Gurus and leaders and as some of my dear friends mentioned it, serving the fake prophecy!

I think by now, my true heart connections know, the degree of have walked bare and constantly inviting myself to be more of a witness and let silence speak through my action and presence. This love in what it is is beyond words, passion and desires, it is the purpose of my I AM and since childhood I know I am the VOICE of this Foundation and for that I NEED to Let go of all my Loved ones, Titles, Earth Possessions, Family wealth and personal comfort to stand AS DIVINE WILL on Ground of Earth and 2019 is the year this has to come to its full MANIFESTATION, so this foundation could be a Sincere, pure and Authentic Hub to connect the soul tribe which are only assigned to work with this frequency come together. And as I have been walking in trust, I hope the coming months give me a serene home so I can begin to use words to convey the frequency and template of new earth.

Part two

On a collective level, we are moving into our assigned tribe and work faster than before and it is vital we recognize we are moved by a greater impulse (Divine Impulse) than out to do list and desire to achieve something. True leader works behind the scene, with no need for praise or acknowledgment, the know there is nothing outside of self.

The consciousness that leads my vessel is linked to SIRIUS Star, also a great deal of what we know as FUTURE of humanity could be access by this vessel through Divine MIND. This work is holographic ad energetic manipulation of present to become ZERO and open to NEW CYCLE of Energy which in coming few years by expansion of Ascension on Entire Earth, make is even faster to clear all history and memory of Untrue from OUR HUMAN DNA as well as implement of GOD NEUTRAL Protocol through assigned Light beings.

For sure our works are becoming more specific, and as we all wish for a peaceful and joyful planet and united Civilization which serves life and CHILDREN OF THE EARTH.

Sometimes I feel I am failing the Source of all as most of my doings is no doing and JUST Work through BEING, Energy, and so much movement with higher realm and what on linear appears as FUTURE. On daily basis so much data lands and I am still not guided to share it fully, there are not many of us assigned to work from Control Room of The Source, Visions and frequency and how we tailor timelines and ourselves has to move first through it energetically and then clear it for the others and we are not even can put words on them.

We just breathe and become more of nothing! And our body works as transmitter of NEW FREQUENCY of light and suddenly entire planet and humanity move into a clearer and easier state. Right now, April feels a lot Dark release and not just speaking of truth but also exposing the Dark Masters! The false prophecy needs to be diminish before the entire NEW EARTH Blue print be fully unveiled.

I am urgently calling your hearts into more centering in love and acceptance of all and yet please be aware until JUNE, there is a deep vacuum cleaning of all untrue and veil be thin. We can access silence and space to be at any giving moment if we wish to, no other reality exist, only perceptions and our personal choice on how we perceive others.

May we all find the true beloved within our heart and being and share from place of equality, trust and oneness.

Thank you

Serena Devi


If you wish to support by donation

Until I stabilize in on place it is not possible more than sharing in this manner, however I know I need to create A social media platform to support the work of NEW EARTH Unity Foundation, so if you have a gift music, sound, podcast building, video making, knowledge of Non organized Foundation, Community building and so on and wish to volunteer few hours of our time, please get in touch by our contact form.

New Earth is a Frequency and yet every human step is required to re build and re arrange the already manifested parts into more harmonious ways.





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