June Vibration and NewEarth new phase/physical Manifestation


Physical still have eras of intensity to release and open to purity of Light.
Body aches, exhausted, sleep disorder, no eating or eating too much, could be some emotions, some buried stories, mind noises.
Heart is a strange vast space, hold and purifies everything in stream of love.

Mother of creation moving deeper into her original creative womb, I feel so much love and passion to stay align with vision, heart and creating space to manifest a Hub which works as part of a Seraphim Unified Foundation, so the Soul clusters which are fully activated with this vision and codes, could begin communication and this feels works more effective if I stay on a same land and begin.
I trust present and magnetic power of surrendering to Divine Will.

In the coming days, whatever is required to support the landing template and first truly pure collective step toward shaping the Divine Light Organisation will takes place for Guardians of NewEarth Unity Foundation/ The House of Seraphim is a council merged with the higher frequency holders and purified intention l/Heart/Action Souls whom carry activated codes of the entire Blueprint/Mother board design.

We know who we are.

Today is marked very powerful in the vision, a Holographic pyramid energy is landing on different locations which by movement of certain vessels during July/August/September will fully empower/connects/ and anchor the vibrational Tone/ Plasma frequency for collective consciousness as well as individual clusters soul family, like a new binary system within body of God, assigning certain cells to a very specific work.

And by 2020, this process will complete the phase one of the Newearth blueprint, all forerunners clusters will merge, find and meet each other and whatever their guidance is they begin their new pure, One Vibration of That Divine Organ/mission/manifestation.

On a personal journey, since my return from rice fields, body with toothache and other kind of aches invited me to become more still and listen to all possibilities. I am close to end of my extended visa in Bali, at the other hand return to uk or anywhere else feels not enough information are available or manifested for actual movement. After this morning download, I am for first time after two years feel still enough to focus and clear my channel, and patiently receive, transmute energy into the design and voice it as momentary guided.

Please join the mailing list if you wish to continue receiving updates and video links for more of the design and how we collectively create this Hub, not knowing what piece of puzzle we are holding, cause Seraphims Blue Rays are Assigned Master Builders and this is their responsibility to connect all dots, in full purification and alignment with Divine Will and Intention. And unless their cluster collectively release the old energy, Ego, desire to control, this phase constantly upgrades and with each new waves and energy, bodies feel more intense until the job is completed collectively in the soul group.

The dates feel significant are:
June 17th
June 31
July 1st
July 7th
July 22
August 2nd
August 8
August 16
September 1
September 5
September 22
I still do not know the reason, is it collective, for specific soul cluster or personal.
It is a Complete New Frequency and each soul needs to trust their own channel, inner marriage and arrival of Unified bodies in form of twinflames will be an engine of light to begin new projects on Earth, which might begin only by Twinflames in form of service, community and activation of sacred sites with their combined soul Signature(s)…
It is important for All, to see everything from EYES of One and stay neutral and play natural.
We are entering in phase of creativity by end of Summer and after will be gathering of Soul Groups across the earth. Some of us will have a still period for coming couple of months and some just pushed to move.
The source is the knower, the doer and the ascension herself, the more we give space to stillness and silence of mind, the clear our visions are. We are heading to Mark as. Unified Arrow of Love, as One Blade of Light.
The invisible Phase of Renewal Of Crystalline Love has began today.
We are pointing upward, we are summoning the power of heaven, it is a huge transmit power, trust heart’s intuition and intention and come to alignment of mind, heart and soul in each chosen action, respond, activation.

Freedom is our mark. 🙏
Light and Love, many blessings 💙 Seraphim Joy 💙


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