SIRIUS MAP, July Energy update, LIONS GATE Preparation

It feels like a lifetime from last year July and August Energy activation and movements. At the time I was on Vancouver Island and on a same day 7.7, Sirius Energy began showing visions and maps of New Earth. The link below will take you to the download and pot made at the time.
This Galactic year feels something completely different, for a change, Serena has been more inward, silent and deeper into breathe of one. Aloneness as One, has been a theme of 2019, especially after her vessel was moved to Bali in March, a new inner cycle has began. It is about two weeks from her return to Brighton and England. It was a huge clearing individually and collectively in her three days in Singapore/ 17-21 June, it felt like blood infusion within body of God. After arrival and few change of locations, she is given a room in attic of a family for few weeks before end of July. Something from the crown entering into the body, it is no longer downloads and tap into and tap out. The energy is anchoring in the body, and persona falling into consciousness, it is really hard to remember anything unless it is required and In connection with the soul mission. July is a month of preparation for not just NEW, it is preparation to receive more POWER, and BECOME Divine DYNAMIC, so as we access and also follow the MAP/BLUE PRINT of NEW YEAR, ou abilities as a MANIFESTOR and ELECTROMAGNETIC GENERATOR of HOLY ORDER OF ONE come to full activation.
Today is a Sirius Day and when I woke up, the words were pouring into empty space of Self. These days, Serena hesitates to say much, it feels only in OBSERVANT Mode, Purity fully embodies and harmonies the body, soul, the creator Sphere. However, few things came to the light and seems a blissful time to share the vibration and data.
God works in mysterious ways, there are laws and rules through creation that never changes. Over the last ducat, we as collective came to understand our human aspects are limited by perception and dimensions, but not OUR SOULS. These days we call this understanding waking up to nature of our GODLIKE, that is also known ENLIGHTENMENT. PURE AWARENESS, is not something we become, it is WHAT WE ARE, evolution is a designed system in place that over time has been speeding up according to HUMAN population and today called ASCENSION and within its ACTIVATION, new faculty and abilities reborn within Human/ Light Body which is a NEW BABY of Universe and that is why there is not much we can say, teach or learn. The magic of this NEW LEVEL in HUMANITY only unfolds in PRESENT, it is not because Sun Waves are faster or Earth Electromagnetic Fields are changing and our NEW Garment is a LIGHT BODY than just a Body, we need to really understand this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH US.
It is the GREAT MONOCHORD OF CREATION, it is a harmonized rhythm in its ETERNAL play and only NOW, we collectively found the ability to hear the sound, to feel the vibration. The scale of our collective evolution compare to age of our UNIVERSE, Solar System, Earth is nothing, that is one of the reasons, less words might be more effective than constant conversations and discussion of NEW EARTH Vibrational Manifestation.
The major preparation for coming stages is Emptying mind, being fully healed from all HUMAN wounds and low frequencies emotional states. To be FREE, With NO ATTACHMENT to any STORY, OUTCOME, HAPPENING. THE SIRIUS ENERGY could only offer the GIFTS of TIMELESSNESS if we stop any sort of HUMAN MEASUREMENT and not look into the SKY for confirmation but within our own Heart.
We are Eternal WITNESSES to these experiences, our participation is not more or less than any other part of Majestic Creation. The only SURVICE EXPECTED is to SERVE Self, to Flow in Joy, to ALLOW and FEEL the DELIGHTFUL GOD within.
We are not HERE to save the EARTH, we are  NOT each other’s teacher or leader. We are each other’s Lover.
If we truly at a collective level find the keys to unlock the DIMENSION of PURE SOUND of THE MONAD, we have achieved to forge new ways of Growing for humanity and LIFE on earth and beyond.
EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, the 144 Frequencies are the highest OCTAVE of CREATION for this time and space. We continue experiencing higher dimensions via our light bodies, to fully ALLOW to GOD INFUSION within our HUMAN Existence. The manifestation of NEW EARTH, LIGHT Cities, Sustainable Living, Fairness to all, Equal wealth, abundance , peace and happiness of all, are shaping through US that are coming to full AWARENESS STATE of ONE.
The Magic when it is known to us becomes simple, ordinary and still wonderful. Have you heard from LISSAJOUS FIGURES? He found that if a small mirror was placed at the tips of a tuning fork, and a light beam aimed at it, then the vibration could be thrown on to a dark screen. When the tuning fork was struck, a small vertical line was produced and if quickly cast sideways with another mirror it produced a sine-wave.
What would happen if instead of casting the wave sideways, he was to place another turning fork at RIGHT ANGELS to the first to give the lateral Motion. He found that tuning forks with relative higher frequencies in simple ration produced beautiful shapes, now known as Lissajous figures.
We hold a magical tuning fork( OUR CONSCIOUSNESSES) that can change the direction of CREATION waves that moves from un-manifested into form. When our collective reaches to PURE LEVEL of BEING/ MAJESTIC PRESENCE when Ego or any Human tendencies has no power over our empty Vessels, our Hearts will unlock the coding and keys for THE SCIENCE of ASCENSION, MASTERY of ELEMENTS, THE DIVINE ALCHEMY. This is the role of INTENTION, ATTENTION, CREATION, so no energy/life will be wasted. This is THE NEW CIVILIZATION, merging in now, this time and space.
WE are opening to SEE EVERYTHING AS GOD sees, and this is the beginning of CREATION AS GOD, AS ONE COLLECTIVE PURE FORCE. This level only comes to activation, if we fully die to our human mind, past, memories, conditions, desires. This is A PURE DEVOTION and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE To all.
It does not require words, it requires SURRENDERING & ALLOWING. This is the manifestation of DIVINE LOVE AFFAIR with HERSELF, in FULL PICTURE within CREATION.
You might chose to see yourself as co- creating, the truth is there NO CREATION within ONE. IF you FULLY Come to WITNESS POSITION, to SEE THROUGH GOD’s EYES, it won’t BE ANYONE THERE To CO-CREATE.
HUMANITY NEEDS A DEEPER LET GO, into UNIVERSE of ONE, into DARKNESS, INTO FULL disappearance, some already in final stage, they are the ORIGINAL 13 NOMAD SOULS, INITIATED FLAMES of One, known as Seraphim.
Science of 21st Century is about to have a huge leap into Marriage with PURE CONSCIOUSNESSES and its Magic, and will be moved into a new ROLE to assist in engineering NEW EARTH Blue print in coming years. It is the marriage between Science and Divine Magic that will take us collectively into Building Phase of PURE CITIES across the Earth and relocation of Light workers to shape new Communities.
We are getting closer step by step to SHAPE THE ORDER of ONE, in the form of a Divine ORGANIZATION, the financial side will land first through pure Golden Heart Vessels, they walk on earth has activated a high Octave of Wealth and Prosperity which like a MAGNET attracts, Creates and directs Flow of Finance, Power of Influence, Mastery of Elemental. They are anonymous walkers, mystics, wizards, without a link to any of Specific Soul Groups and Clusters. They work directly to Divine, they are the ORDER of LIGHT and CREATOR of the NEXT PHASE of GAIA AND HUMANITY TRANSFORMATION.
We are entering to a MAJOR POWER CHANGE ON EARTH in 2020. Only Soul knows the true map of Love. The Marriage of heaven and Earth is THE ETERNAL OBSERVARY STATE Of Us. GOD ONLY LIVES IN PRESENT, life is a passage not defined by any measure ad that is why many universes move in and out of many possibilities. Not because in our human sense we want to CHOOSE to Co create or OBSERVE. WE HAVE NO CHOICE, cause we are everything.
Choice is another layer of separation, accept this choiceless awareness and BE FREE.

Serena Devi ( Founder)


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