Bigger Picture of Ascension




This is PART one of a Three- THE HAPPENING

Universe is designed in opposition, its endless renewal through structures and orders, carrying seeds of polarity, in pair, from Atoms to Humans, From Stars to Galaxies. The Main substances of Universe are, normal matter, dark matter” and dark energy. Scientists model indicates 70% dark energy, 25% dark matter and only 3% normal matter which consists of the atoms that make up stars, planets, human begins and every other VISIBLE objects in Universe.( Wikipedia)

Pause and ponder on what seems our proven scientific fact and ask yourself where EARTH ASCENSION falls into.

They are small pictures of this evolution and they are MUltiUniverse/Dimensional happening currently in progress within THE DIVINE STRUCTURE. For our Human experience in the body, everything we experience is NEW, can be overwhelming to  FEEL Bombard of Waves and constant Integration in our mind/body/soul functional reality. Constant let go of emotions, thoughts, attachments. Becoming more of No-thing, how our body is transforming to a new Living System.  The connectivity of LIFE is not within visibility structure, it works through intensity of formless and form, unborn and manifested. It is an eternal pull between matter and Spirit. Like a pull between Masculine and Feminine, the biology of life is the same as Biology of Universe, that means within all livings, there is a ratio and there is a density that needs to HAPPEN, so Divine Order of Creation Stay intact and in forever renewal of Energy, which is the visible aspect of Consciousness.  What is our say in all these?  OUR HEART Activation is the way through this RENEWAL of OUR HUMAN System into A More Cosmos System. The pure power is in our access if/when the knower in us disappear along our human though/ emotion link with judgment of good/evil (EGO) and Divine PURE Light take control of our Vessels to HAVE A COLLECTIVE QUANTUM SHIFT.


 Soul system of Gaia is in a MAGNETIC PUSH ( For Years ahead of us, to Upgrade our Vibration state, Human, other planes, Elemental especially WATER) and will be a PULL afterward ( When the NEW EARTH FREQUENCY COMPLETELY STABILIZED, OUR HEARTS  and GAIA’s GALACTIC HEART have come to Alignment, so Earth could Fully Function as a GALACTIC NEUTRAL CENTRE & PLATFORM ) to KEEP THE PLANET and all LIVINGS on IT, to SAVE ENERGY means to SAVE LIFE, and if this adjustment does not happen with the way HUMANS ( SleepWalkers) are going on, the  Planet and livings will fall into a lower frequency which is an early End of Life System and Energy  on the planet. This is Divine INTERVENTION, in Form of A mass AWAKENING. Imagine how all White Cells in our Body be alarmed when there is an  infection in the body and rearrange their roles, movements to support, fight and bring back the balance, and neutral state of Health.

 Same goes here.  For that there is no other alternative but for Consciousness to evolve and that is one paradigm shift after another, until the PUSH begins to slow down and move to PULL order. UNIVERSE Process also follow the same role, as above, so below.

The electromagnetic fields of entire our Galaxy is following the same Holographic Order of this REFORM in our HUMAN SYSTEM, START SYSTEM.

We Humans just began to touch the tip of the iceberg, having a SELF –Realization that we are ONE, ALL Connected in ONE DREAM, ONE BREATH. And it is very hard for our functional mind to grasp the unknown, the speed of change in perspective,  breaking of walls of identity, release of lifetimes false emotions stored in our body, environment.  Nevertheless of what we think as Human Species as Billions of life on this planet, Divine SOUL REVOLUTION is HAPPENING.

Molecule by molecule, DNA by DNA.

 IN COLLABORATION WITHIN DIVINE MIND & WILL,  some of us called again AWAKENS, Forerunners, Galactic High Council, Star Seeds, we are all receiving DATA, Messages from the Source of all to assist Humanity to smoothly grow UP into Soul and from there, Merge with MONAD Soul, so our planet vibrational reality rise to a HARMONIC ALIGNMENT with the REST of Galaxy and Other Galaxies.

We might like to see this as a rise in Dimension, Connectivity with other forms of Intelligence, DNA Activation through Waves of Solar Sun, all is true and supportive of this Divine RESTRUCTURE & INTEGRATION.

NEW EARTH is A Revolutionary  HOLOGRAPHIC Happening to shape a new State and Order religion, government, society, economy, social awareness. It is a PLACE to live in Full TRANSPARENCY, EQUALITY, MANAGED BY Brotherhood/sisterhood/Collective Councils across the globe. It is a place that no DARK Government Can Rule. This is the AGE of Freedom and each one of us that been chosen to walk at this time on this planet, Having Human Experience, has also Given a Choice to Access our HIGHEST STATE of Consciousness and use it to the best of our ABILITIES, DESIGN, PURPOSE, To serve this HAPPENING.

IN The coming few months, pure consciousness will take the lead and  IAm as part of ALL, will become fully active, neutral, observant and could LISTEN Through inner Guiding System ( CRYSTAL HEART)and follow through, then at the collective Level, Awaken ones localized more strategically on the planet each either with momentary code activation in their physical form shall receive whatever is required for their mission and tasks or already got it activated Through Monad Soul Unified Field.

IN The next two posts, I will explain Why I am Brought to Somerset, Wells and Glastonbury and What Triangle Pyramids are creating across the Earth for LIONS Gate Passageway, Also the importance of Water in all forms, Oceans, Streams, Lake, on our planet is about to play a huge role in future of The earth.

Light, Love and many blessings

Seraphim Light ( Serena Devi)



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