Final post on Lionsgate and pilgrimage of Heart

Dear Beloved friends, light tribes, soul companions,
This is the third and final post of Lions gate passage in 2019 which covers a more personal message, this will be also my last post on facebook and social media before I really decide if I keep them or completely remove.

Over the last twelve years, my Human life has completely transformed and at so many levels transcend to One pure reality and that is Present/Life/ What it is/Eternal Divine Geometry breath.

(This is a link to short version of this beautiful and yet not so easy pilgrimage into my own heart if you wish to read.

The waves of cosmos are moving us into a new Era on this physical reality and planet and whatever role we have been playing in this collective awakening finally is purified enough to make a quantum shift into a NewEarth reality, to truly feel the IAmGod, as essence and original Self.
The amount of fear and limitation we have released since the start 0f 2018 is a huge release of low frequency and also Dark energy, returning to womb of creation for recycle and neutralization.
Everything on linear time and physical dimension needs a bit time/space/purification before it actually comes to manifestation.
Our Earth crews already began their gatherings, initiating and planning Divinely guided Projects and workframes.
Our Frequency holders, Gate keepers and some of wayshowers, whom so far has played a role of Divine Will messengers and transmuter of Activation codes, either through teaching/speaking/creating/moving between locations will localize and completely anchor in One Constant Frequency and Active LightHouse/Bridge/ Transmuter according to to their Soul Contract with the Source of All, their embodiment and ascension are completed and from The Start of August 2019, their every breath is Purity, Truth and Unification of Matter and Spirit. Some might stay be involved with mass awakening, some might continue grid activation as full empowerment of Holographic Harmonica structure to serve the unification of 144000 soul beings in purpose of Earth Full Ascension in years to come.

Our inner Campos still is the best way forward and our unified crystalline heart now can fully receive, process and transmute Pure Light which in our reality is the electromagnetic waves of Cosmos supporting the Entire Planet and Livings in the Ascension time.

Personally, I feel no one is here! Everything feels more and more like a movie on a neutral white screen. My body has moved so many times since 2017 and they are times, feels the vessel needs a real tune up, there is tiredness, need to sleep and just be, at the other times, with a new cosmos wind, suddenly this over weight body moves, packs, and travel as light as a feather to a new place.. who is a doer? Who is really here while my human mind once in a while try to jump into old stories and patterns, or create one, my heart is so peaceful, silent and receptive.

For me nothing is important of unimportant, my view on outer reality is friendliness to all I see, encounter, share, provoke by.. just complete acceptance and allowing, just work with what it is, even if like right this moment of life, I am standing alone, with not much communication with anyone, fully connected with the source, honoring the dream of Creation, participate as moments guide and allow, staying neutral and playing natural even again if that means go at a bus stop or the airport and wait till I know in my heart is the time to take the next step.
I have been witness of my own evolution, expansion in love and tremendous pain of lose of my human false self, ideas of right and wrong, attachments, emotional body, family and friends ties, fear, lack, scarcity, lust, loneliness, victim state, control freak state, I know it all state, I am not worthy state, I am fine but not really fine state, false twinflame dreams and expectations.. the list can go on, but we all know neither of our knowing really is true, what truth is could not be expressed by words, what unity really feels can not be taught, in the present of the One, no one is here.
And we all choose how to connect with this unknown Presence that contains All.
It has many names, more common one is God, Higher Self, truth, Atman, for me, it has always been the beloved, and mysticism my path. Walking alone my destiny, speaking in riddles and poetry, colors and deep ecstatic joy of loving.
Where the energy of Lions Gate will take this vessel, I say, anywhere she really wants to go and believe that serves the Good of All. Here and entire cosmos breathes through my heart today, the only word I find to say is
Thank You.

In continues of this pilgrimage, I am without any further instruction, except pack and be ready to leave Wells and Somerset on Friday 2nd. My abundance is £102, and I have never felt so peaceful, content, safe, abundant and tender…
This tenderness in my heart for life as it is, is unmeasured and hard to explain.
Whatever my role will be and however it unfolds, the flame in my heart is eternal, and so my devotion to God that I Am.

I say farewell to the ones who truly their hearts echoed my gentle steps on this planet, for their care, support, unconditional love, their commitment to their own truth, knowing our truth is Purity, Innocence, Light and Love.
There never was Another and It was Always The aching of Love, chanting in heart of Sky, Universe, Calling her Children Home.
I know I am Home now,
I know, I am Free Now,
I know, I Am God Now.

Serena Devi


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