Divine code Manifestation

End of August, Completion of 8.08 portal, stand by into New Phase of DIVINE CODES MANIFESTATION.

Many felt the huge lift up into spiral of Happening over the last two weeks. Some of us have been moved as the NewEarth Grids Activator to different points on Earth in months of July and August, some through intuition, some thru human stories, either way the ACTIVATORS of These New Codes have been directed to a Power Point of Divine Design which through their connections with Earth and Galaxies certain transmission were and still are accruing that upgrade New Magnetic circulate of Earth ( symptoms: earthquakes, Flood, fire, storm and tornado ) nevertheless, the purpose is to stabilize the New Codes which works as high frequency bridges and gateways between Here and Above, Here and Below, Here and zero point of Creation.
So, the most positive approach is staying in unconditional love and work with energy than again fall into reaction to stop something disastrous (Fire of Amazon) from outside.
Everything outside is an invite to be United in Heart.
This is the the time to work as One, there is no other to be blamed, it is a lifetime Human’s arrogance and ignorance manifested through lower frequency, death and shadow on Earth in caused not by one Human. Do not fall into old pattern of pointing finger at any government or Leader.

The strongest power lies in Mother of Creation, words are less and less effective in our next phase.
Truth has its own tides, paradox, movements of light and dark. This is the completion phase of our ascension as Human Body, stories, need to constant speak, have sides even about our collective Ascension.
To be sovereign is to be humbled, to be God is to be anonymous, to walk behind all l, than front of others.
As God Avatars, Galactic Ambassadors, stargates Captain, Earth Crews and guardians, our tasks is to ALWAYS see everything through EYES OF THE CREATOR. And Act as One, timeless One, Spaceless One.

Everythung in our current reality is calling us to go high speed into Heart, forgive and let go all Human parts and Remember who You Are. Your own design as divine advocate is active now, the light of timeless You is Available to guide your every move into Freedom and be unified as One, to flow with Force and embody fully into your Monad Soul Mission.

Today, I took another journey and travel from Vancouver to Victoria by ferry.
I have been in not knowing anything zone since I arrived Canada and physically it has been really difficult to move from one bnb to another and feel so many high vibes in the vessel. Today, I asked divine, ask myself what is this? Why am I returned to Canada? I am really tired of so much travel and a I walked to ferry an hour ago, a huge wind came from my higher self, my body began shivering and I heard the voice: You are Captain of your ship, take your place. The time has arrived to lead with waves, remember and sing the codes of freedom, you are a Golden Key Keeper, A Master Blue Ray, walk one more time, on the bridge of time and trust your own beating heart.
The seven seals are open, and activated and as this ferry approaching Vancouver Island, my heart seems the images of New Earth, our Divine Home, Our Heaven Inheritance.

I as a Human, and woman offered my everything for this happening, so I can stand with all of I Am and say ” Wake Up Humanity, Listen to sound of Truth, beating in our chest, we are in this together, we are in this forever.
Divine abundance codes are active and bridges are built, light houses are merging, tribes are coming together, captains are landing on their Starships, trust the next phase is everything you ever wished for, work hard for and sacrificed every precious relation to support your own relation with the Source.
And so be it.


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