New Earth, claiming the power of Innocence/final post

The time has come to be One Movement in physical. Our Divine Embodiment is completed. We are activated Avatars, Matured StarSeeds, in full access to our Soul Blueprint, from state of Purity, Innocence, Equality and balance we create, invent, transform, transmute along side the beloved Gaia.

By entering into Aquarius Age, we are the runners of Creation Waves, these waves are Original Flame of Monad God.

To voice this movement, collective Ascension, golden hearts have to channel the original Flame from unmanifested world into manifestation. That means, New Earth Frequency will reach to its Maximum potentioal, in those bare ceysralline hearts, by End of October/December 2019. It is the return of the Innocence, to claim the power, wisdom and abundance codes of Heaven on Earth. It is the time, to gather in aligned Stargates, soul groups, communities and Galactic/Gaia councils.

Turn in, into silence between to Octaves, between soul and body, between polarity of your own masculine and feminine. Turn in, into your deepest ache and longing for freedom, for equalship across this planet and entire of Universe.

This dream is our promise to the dreamer, to The almighty One.

Know and trust, we are Not these bones and skins, we are Not small or large Mind. WE ARE GOD, WE ARE END OF SLAVERY IN THIS GALAXY AND THIS BEAUTIFUL TENDER LOVING PLANET, named EARTH.

We are standing as One, we walk as One, we Create as One.

Go in to no ending of unconditional Love, to know Yourself, To Be The Ultimate One in heart, soul and body.

This beginning is not going to happen through words, or think a miraculous entity appears to do this work for humanity, the power lies within us, to experience New Earth, we are called into another level of Acceptance, that comes only through absolute DEVOTION TO THE CREATOR OF ALL.

This is the end of ascension in this time and space for many of forerunners. Whatever role you have played, whatever trail you walked on, whatever needed to be let go or embraced, who ever you were as Human, ends Now.

You are already know this, the secret of Your Own breath, the power of the Flame. From October till End of December, is the Self Meeting, Loving, Empowering, It is Marriage of All dimensions, worlds, magic and divine Alchemy.

We are the Masters of Time and Space. We are the Beloved Flames.

Stand still, In power of Consciousness, in tenderness of Golden Heart, in clarity of Crystalline Plasma World of Purity, sacredness of One.

Stand like you never born into flesh, stand silent, gentle, truthful, magical, pure, devoted, committed and above all, stand in love that you are…

Listen to sound of your heart, it is that vibration that is opening all gates and bridges, all light bolbs and portals of light across time and space, interconnectivity of All, in One blow of Divine Love, it is the time of stand bare and be embraced, loved, touched by Grace of One.

Are you ready?

To be No one, to be Everything that this dream can offer, create and be manifested for the Good of All.

Let end the slavery, from dark governments to a lifeless life of 9-5 paying bills! Let end the slavery and torture, suffering and struggles of entire Human race, animals, plants, all livings on this planet.

This is your truth, your power, your choice.

Breathe, breathe and let God breath be the breeze and storm of your life, be having and not having be your neutral ground, cause New Earth could only manifest through every day walk, every day choice.

Between now and end of 2019,many climate changes will take place, sotrms earthquakes, fire, tornado,…

To balance them, we need to reach to the level of peace within that we never reached before. There will be no more Buddha, Christ, saviour for this planet, we are the One, we are the voice, we are the actions, we are the truthwalkers.

Please pause deep into your heart, to remember. Let this remebrance burn all untrue, to see the only face in the mirror of the world, the story of creation and ascension. It is all You, It will be Always You.

You Are The Beloved.

Rest in her Love.

Serena Devi

This is the last post and sharing, Newearthunityfoundation site will be shut down today.

May we meet again, when New Earth Fondation physically established and our of all designs are connected through templates and divine orchestrated projects.

Thank you for walking beside this site, sharing and engaging from your being, through words, donations, silence.

I am grateful.

Rest & Beginning of New phase Sept/Oct 2019

SEPTEMBER / October 2019, RESET & Beginning of a new phase of Collective Ascension
2019 is the year that collective Consciousness as DIVINE ORGANISM move forward toward a way of life that is outwardly simple and inwardly original/ Crystalline regenerating purity and Light.
Ascension is an activated Consciousness System that is constantly upgrades its interconnected intelligence, purifies, regenerates and restores Energy/life/Physical Realm as part of the Source.
We as Human Avatars, playing our parts in this huge Universal and Galactic movement and happening in Divine ORGANISM/ The Source.
Since June 2019, time has speed up and expansion of awareness is taking lead, that is the reason of fast quantum jumps of frequency and vibrational reality. Some of forerunners, without any understanding of why and how, has been through constant planetary relocation and travel across the Earth, to receive, activate( Light codes, Grids, bridges, Portals and Gates).
At the same time our Physical bodies has its own DNA upgrades and transformation which comes with physical symptoms that might appear as fatigue, tiredness, even illness.
These are all part of this COLLECTIVE RESET which was the leading program of the entire September 2019. The Equinox ended the phase of Embodiment for many Awaken Avatars, the completion of Physical Embodiment is the beginning of Crystalline Golden Pendulum, that means our new abilities as A Pure HEART Vessel is coming into Physical, we can begin to work closer with Gaia to bring our planet into Balance and Harmony, through our collective Intentions and Actions.
Divine Organization is merging right now, wherever we are and whatever we do as long as it is supported by our INNER ALIGNMENT is shaping this PURE PENDULUM.
That is why our every thought, emotion and action counts, imagine yourself as a free POINT of Light, transmitting Data at the same time, receiving light data, and in this flow your physical existence along other points of light shapes a HUGE Golden Pendulum that is part of the SOURCE and follows the Already INPLACED Laws of ONE. Before the Pendulum begins this NEW Cycle, IT RESET to ITS NEUTRAL PLACE, ZERO POINT.
IF you are awaken, if your every sense of Human is gone and your physical body clearly is a free VESSEL
Then you are merging to shape this Geometrical Golden Pendulum and Now the RESET bottom is pressed. THE ASCENSION SYSTEM is Moving your PHYSICAL REALITY into a NEW position, the process has changed, it is no longer inward, it is coming outward. Please note this does not about your activities, it is about the restructure of your I AM consciousness, this is about UNITY of FEMININE and MASCULINE Principals as well as Physical Avatars.
This is a new Energetic Embodiment through Chakras and Markabas, the more we surrender to unknown and let the sound of creation moves us, the easier the entire PENDULUM will move.
This Golden PENDULUM is a GALACTIC Generator and from October 2019, it becomes a point of Communication with other Realms and Existence across Universe and Our Milky way.
We might choose to call this our soul Clusters, Light Tribes, wording does not matter, as long as we understand we no longer can use our human mind as any point of REFERENCE, IDENTIFICATION or DECISION MAKING. WE ARE A HEART CENTRE ORGANISM. The future of Earth is the advancement and purification of this GOLDEN PENDULUM, that constantly move through LAWS of DIVINE, Here and Now, and then returns to RESET and again Back & Fort into Happening.
The new Templates of Earth also are designed to support this reconstruction of Spirit into matters which has been activated in Geometric eternal Structure replacing our bodies DNA, from carbon based molecular to silicon base one, restructuring Gaia energy System, so life system on our planet continues if Human Race choose to participate in Divine ORGANISM Evolution voluntary, otherwise the disharmony of Light and dark increases and the Entire Planet will fall into destructive phase.
OUR COLLECTIVE Awakening is just an OCTOVE from a LONG LASTING SONG OF CREATION, the ones who chose to collaborate into creating THE NEW EARTH, are already in its vibrational harmony and feel align with what is shared here. They know the coming months are about GATHERINGS And Meaningful ENCOUNTERS. They know our work has began.
New roles are assigned, Abundance is flowing, Manifestation of HEART DESIRE is the first SEAL, Opened up and all purified Heart, collectively bring it to PHSICAL REALITY.
Surrendering is the most powerful Force of Earth, receptive Feminine is sitting on her Throne.
Pay attention to what shows up in your physical reality between now and end of October, allow synchronicity leads your walk. Actions are really need to take place as effortless as possible. AS all veils are removed, WE HAVE BECOME MASTERS of VIBRSTIONAL CREATION. Most of our works will be through intention, purity and devotion. Manifestation is not the end game, Effortless flow is.
Divine Holy Structure is shaping one HUNIFIED LIGHT ORGANISATION, we are returning to SIMPLCITY, PURITY, TIMELESS PRESENCE. THE MAP IS WITHIN OUR HEARTS, we never will know the how, if for a moment that crosses your mind, know it is still the shadow of light, it is still Ego of Humanity.
Become more of a child, more of sense of wonder and beauty, more of anonymous life than living with audience. Guard your peace, treasure the simplicity, lose the earth garment, feel the crystalline heart, hear the sound of creation, dance as ONE Golden PENDULUM.
NEW Earth Civilization is the house of Joy, truth and equality. Welcome!
This is our last post on NEW EARTH UNITY FOUNDATION, the site will be deactivated until our Foundation and Trust comes fully in physical, if you wish to stay in touch and be included in our mailing list, please use the contact form to and forward your contact details.
Thank you
Serena Devi/ Seraphim Joy

New Earth Birthing!

Few words on current reality, individual, collective and galactic

At Galactic, newearth system which was seeded energetically era ago is coming into form and reality. The Divine Creator’s breath is a geometric sound vibration that sets many spiral light waves within Boundless Ocean Consciousness into activation and in flow. In our current Holographic Evolution, we have entered a phase which unification and localization is the theme of the movement. Within Galaxy(s), love vibration has reached to a level that worlds in speed of Light begin merging and manifesting in full power, this is not just limited to Earth, in years to come, we receive more data on how our revolutionary evolution has an impact on Milky way and our connections with other planets, star systems and how in close future we can transport our consciousness between higher dimensional realities, bring advance knowledge in form of science, magic, manifestation into our physical reality. We crossed that Bridge this Lions Gate, we have entered into Chamber of Abundance and Secret Knowledge of Vibrational Creation Sound and waves. Now we can access higher intelligence, intent, attract and bring into form anything align with pure Crystalline Golden Heart rhythms and as long as we understand our role with the rest of Galactical Existence ( Sharing the road ),we continue peacefully our Human Light body Upgrade into Eternal Galactic Body and work as Intentional Creator, in Service of The Creator, One.

At the collective level: Our frequency shall lead us to who ever we need to join and collaborate in whatever divine framework that either already shaped and implanted or need a bit of time, working at different levels l, like Assigned Earth Crew coming in one location or assigned Galactic council pair up as ( Divine feminine and Divine Masculine) to form Divine Organisation.
We need to understand this Happening and ascension is part of a bigger Happening within Orgasmic body of God and our perceptions will continue to shift, come back, recycle, clear and purified until we walk in this human body, the process will continue according to our Roles, Designs and DNA codes, we rise to our highest potential and learn how to ride the waves of creation.

On this, I will write a more detailed post to how Forerunners are coming together to distribute the templates of Newearth through actions and practical steps. The first Council gathering will be sometime around December 2019 in United State. This Council will establish a divine order and organization free of all ties to other Groups of awakens who so far have been involved with teaching, wayshower, gridworker, frequency holders.
The flow of consciousness has already connected some of them and will continue to link these individuals as they fully come to embodiment of Divine Self.
Everything we experience and sometimes we name them as activation, frequency, waves are part of a Creation Music, to be One means to completely surrender to this Music, but not as a Creation anymore, but as a Creator. The way this works is through Heart system and Golden keys to keep tuning into Divine Will and Listen, listen so silently( no mind) that divine breath moves through our Light Body as One, and we hear the music as divine impulse, guidance, and by following the Nature of it, we flow together as One. That is being Awaken means! All alignments are internal, all with the source, do not go look for your tribe, twinflame, purpose, divine service, let music lead you into mystery of love, freedom of Unity.

On personal level, It is about 5 nights that I am in Vancouver and I feel everything so far assigned to my vessel is completed. The body will stay n North America but I only moved to book my current bnb till 22nd August. Something has to come through synchronicity and gives more permanent grounding.
Body is tired and she really needs a home, it jas been a long 12 years and intense 2.5 years. And as good I see the vision and blue print of newearth, I admit I am clueless with the physical world. I found it so challenging to even book a train or a bnb, part of me just want to be still, present, access higher visions and have a stable home so can relax into Gaia and let the energy comes, draw the designs, write the templates, create the Headquarter for Seraphim Newearth Foundation and open gates for all to receive their well deserved abundance.
When I was in Egypt, I received 7 Symbols and geometric keys from my star, Sirius. Through the visit I made to Pyramids and other sites, I truly felt the activation in my body and many memories past, future and other worlds all came into I Am, so much to process and really no words for it. It is all coming to our Actions and purity of Light.
When earths garment is loss, and heart open and innocent, then music begins and love of the source is such a strong bond that body flows effortless into service, as original design (Higher self) will lead.

Thank you for being part of my reality, I do wish I could be able to share more of this beauty and sacredness that my heart witness and experience by surrendering and acceptance of all, I could never imagine the life I Am, there is no center, no gravity, no attachment, only friendliness with all, gratitude, joy of present, ache of grow, ecstacy of union stage by stage, humbleness and appreciation of all people, soul family, events and all so far has touched my being.
I am so grateful, in love and ready to begin the new phase of our beloved New Earth to walk hand in hand, heart beside heart into the rainbow, and Be an agent of love and light

I love you. 🙏💜

Final post on Lionsgate and pilgrimage of Heart

Dear Beloved friends, light tribes, soul companions,
This is the third and final post of Lions gate passage in 2019 which covers a more personal message, this will be also my last post on facebook and social media before I really decide if I keep them or completely remove.

Over the last twelve years, my Human life has completely transformed and at so many levels transcend to One pure reality and that is Present/Life/ What it is/Eternal Divine Geometry breath.

(This is a link to short version of this beautiful and yet not so easy pilgrimage into my own heart if you wish to read.

The waves of cosmos are moving us into a new Era on this physical reality and planet and whatever role we have been playing in this collective awakening finally is purified enough to make a quantum shift into a NewEarth reality, to truly feel the IAmGod, as essence and original Self.
The amount of fear and limitation we have released since the start 0f 2018 is a huge release of low frequency and also Dark energy, returning to womb of creation for recycle and neutralization.
Everything on linear time and physical dimension needs a bit time/space/purification before it actually comes to manifestation.
Our Earth crews already began their gatherings, initiating and planning Divinely guided Projects and workframes.
Our Frequency holders, Gate keepers and some of wayshowers, whom so far has played a role of Divine Will messengers and transmuter of Activation codes, either through teaching/speaking/creating/moving between locations will localize and completely anchor in One Constant Frequency and Active LightHouse/Bridge/ Transmuter according to to their Soul Contract with the Source of All, their embodiment and ascension are completed and from The Start of August 2019, their every breath is Purity, Truth and Unification of Matter and Spirit. Some might stay be involved with mass awakening, some might continue grid activation as full empowerment of Holographic Harmonica structure to serve the unification of 144000 soul beings in purpose of Earth Full Ascension in years to come.

Our inner Campos still is the best way forward and our unified crystalline heart now can fully receive, process and transmute Pure Light which in our reality is the electromagnetic waves of Cosmos supporting the Entire Planet and Livings in the Ascension time.

Personally, I feel no one is here! Everything feels more and more like a movie on a neutral white screen. My body has moved so many times since 2017 and they are times, feels the vessel needs a real tune up, there is tiredness, need to sleep and just be, at the other times, with a new cosmos wind, suddenly this over weight body moves, packs, and travel as light as a feather to a new place.. who is a doer? Who is really here while my human mind once in a while try to jump into old stories and patterns, or create one, my heart is so peaceful, silent and receptive.

For me nothing is important of unimportant, my view on outer reality is friendliness to all I see, encounter, share, provoke by.. just complete acceptance and allowing, just work with what it is, even if like right this moment of life, I am standing alone, with not much communication with anyone, fully connected with the source, honoring the dream of Creation, participate as moments guide and allow, staying neutral and playing natural even again if that means go at a bus stop or the airport and wait till I know in my heart is the time to take the next step.
I have been witness of my own evolution, expansion in love and tremendous pain of lose of my human false self, ideas of right and wrong, attachments, emotional body, family and friends ties, fear, lack, scarcity, lust, loneliness, victim state, control freak state, I know it all state, I am not worthy state, I am fine but not really fine state, false twinflame dreams and expectations.. the list can go on, but we all know neither of our knowing really is true, what truth is could not be expressed by words, what unity really feels can not be taught, in the present of the One, no one is here.
And we all choose how to connect with this unknown Presence that contains All.
It has many names, more common one is God, Higher Self, truth, Atman, for me, it has always been the beloved, and mysticism my path. Walking alone my destiny, speaking in riddles and poetry, colors and deep ecstatic joy of loving.
Where the energy of Lions Gate will take this vessel, I say, anywhere she really wants to go and believe that serves the Good of All. Here and entire cosmos breathes through my heart today, the only word I find to say is
Thank You.

In continues of this pilgrimage, I am without any further instruction, except pack and be ready to leave Wells and Somerset on Friday 2nd. My abundance is £102, and I have never felt so peaceful, content, safe, abundant and tender…
This tenderness in my heart for life as it is, is unmeasured and hard to explain.
Whatever my role will be and however it unfolds, the flame in my heart is eternal, and so my devotion to God that I Am.

I say farewell to the ones who truly their hearts echoed my gentle steps on this planet, for their care, support, unconditional love, their commitment to their own truth, knowing our truth is Purity, Innocence, Light and Love.
There never was Another and It was Always The aching of Love, chanting in heart of Sky, Universe, Calling her Children Home.
I know I am Home now,
I know, I am Free Now,
I know, I Am God Now.

Serena Devi

Lions gate 2019, Water Activation

Pilgrimage of Heart –LIONS Gate Preparation & Mystery of Water

This is part 2 of the three part Ascension report.

LIONS gate 2018 / End of Old PARADGIM / ACTIVATION POINTS & Water
Early January 2018, I was shown a map of Crystalline Grids on Earth which through activation release Codes ( Crystalline Structure codes) mainly through locations ( Land and Water) and my body/vessel needs to honor the guidance that comes and follow each step accordingly, no matter what and how physical reality and circumstances looks like. So I did travel bare, with nothing except a suitcase and yoga mat. I was provided by support of Light tribe with abundance, food, place to stay and finance that make the travel possible, the work was and still is intense, alchemical and the purpose which I usually Understand after each part of pilgrimage is to Activate 12/144 Harmonic Geometric Grids as well my own 12 Strand DNA and keep the frequency and make a bridge of light as I travel from one location to another location, to plant a new ORIGINAL CREATION CODE as Solar waves arrive on Planet Earth and my body Receive, Transmute and Anchor through Light, in these Activation codes.
Last July, I was moved about the same time from Vancouver Island Via Seattle and California to Arizona, and return the same way with a lot of transformation ( borth light and Dark) all through my travel for two months. The details are on
Over the period of one year, I visited some locations intuitively to receive hidden codes from Sirian Builder Council to use for NEW Earth Templates and Grid Structure that will be used to reform our current reality into 5D and above physical reality. The intelligence beneath these points are beyond our time and space, they are mostly shaped as wells ( Round shape) with two activators in form of triangle, or square beside/above below them.

These shapes with each new waves begin whirling into a Holographic Generator of Sound, Rhythm which make it possible for Awaken Beings to Receive the original Codes of New Earth and become a Carrier of that frequency until the next one arrives.
The energy of Turtle (Water)beneath certain points, activated the Diamond Solar Heart within body/Heart to receive and integrate a higher Frequency, clear DNA, purify cells, atoms, organs, bone structures, to assist individual and collective Harmonic Holographic Birth as a pure Consciousness.
Element of Water plays an important role in our next stage which comes fully in physical reality after the passageway of 08.08.19.

As our frequency in Human Body rise, and create a Pillar of Light, our heart frequency effects all Earth Elements tremendously and with Gaia upgrade her vibrational we co –create a multilevel flower of life Structure in our water systems on the Earth, from oceans to lakes, small ponds even. Which its connectively, map and show, energize the hidden Grids beneath the soil of Earth and through PORTAL AND GATE OPENING of Forerunners and lightworkers, to connect and shape the NEW EMPOWERD WEB of Conscious LIFE, which Solar Electromagnetic waves upgrades and mirror the Milky way Grids of Light and consciousness. This is how the Quantum shift, Holographic Evolution through matter is taking place, from the Centre of No-thing, to Creation of Everything, in the speed beyond even normal Light wave.
From HIGHER FREQUENCY Waves to Water, from Water to Soil, Soil to body.

It is the fluid form that is Carrying the Code of Creation on Physical Earth. And now The knowledge of Old Civilizations, Stars, Galaxy can be access and used if we know how to use the intelligence of water, learn the codes and connect the New Grids on Sacred lands and Water Streams across the entire planet to serve Humanity and all livings on Earth.
This year I am sent to Wells in Somerset which is located 5 miles North of Glastonbury. As I arrive last Thursday, I immediately felt the energy of Avalon, my heart immediately felt at Home.
The guidance for this part of journey has been specific, so I listen, follow and pause till new data arrives.

I was instructed to visit three locations and create a Triangle Pyramids before 1st August.
One was Bishop Garden next To Wells Cathedral which is built in 12th Century. It has wells around it which was providing streams of water for the city and fields. You can see the design from one the photos. IN every location, I am told what to use and where and how to create Ripples of Sound ( Light Language, or Singing ball, of clapping), with Crystals and close by elements.

The interesting thing was that while I arrived in England, I stayed in Brighton as usual and the Street I had a room was St Andrews! Then when I arrived to Wells and went to the Cathedral, I find out the name of it is St Andrews too!
The second interesting part is I was told not to stay in Glastonbury, only Visit for a day. Now, I am staying in the house which is no 27 ( my Birthday) and it is in Wells, but the name of street is Glastonbury!

On Friday, I opened a portal in Bishop Garden and then when I went inside the Cathedral, It was a heavy Cloud of Dark Energy inside the Church, which first needed to be cleared and today I returned and opened a portal inside one of the chapels.

Yesterday I went to Glastonbury and hiked to Tor early morning. I was instructed to open a portal on the Tor as wells as Chalice Wells with Crystals and songs. In both locations, I was shown two Geometry forms which comes in marriage of Triangle and Circle.
The third location was given today which is a West Side of The line from Wells to Glastonbury, and called westhay Moor National Nature. All three locations are connected with water, Streams and recoding of the land with new ripples of Sound and Light.

I did the same thing in Bali and over the three month period, I was sent to three location, next to the water for the same purpose.
There is much more data on its way to how we can become more of Fluid and timeless existence on coming years through light Tribes work on Earth with Light, Water and Soil. How sound and Light and Water could create a trinity ( Triangle) and in marriage with ONE ( Circle, Sphere)in Rotation, higher consciousness can manipulate, reform, restructure elements, energy, and timelines… This is how Cosmic System is flood Earth Energy Grids and carries structural data of FUTURE and implant it in PHYSICAL, in form of NEW Earth Manifestation.

I am still trying to understand what I just shared above! I feel the experience and deep knowing of the frequency ( Remembrance) but our human language can not really cover the dynamic of Divine will, and movement of it as a FREQUENCY/ INTENTION/ HEART+ Love/ CREATION.
But I know this is the way forward on fifth Dimension and it will speed up by end of 2019. Eventually, everything we create will be with ONE mind, Heart and Receptivity.
Our next Lions Gate 8.08.2019 is THE LIVE SYSTEM of STAR And EARTH GRID SYSTEMS.
IAMGOD in full activation is a force unmeasured in history of humanity, cause only through Collective Quantum Evolution we can Become THE WAVE that carry THE PLANET into TIMELESS rotation of HIGHER dimensions. From this lions gate onward, everything comes with responsibility, joy, purity, friendliness, abundance and love beyond words.
Seraphim Joy ( Serena Devi)

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Lions Gate 2019, Rise of New Earth Civilization


LIONS GATE Upcoming Energy, movements…

New Earth is a world on Physical plane created and originated By PURE MONAD HARMONIC SOUND, repeatedly renewing and emerging within unlimited geometry mind of God.
The Crystalline Hearts of AWAKEN Humans are ACTIVATED TRANSMUTER in GEOMETRIC DESIGN that can carry the formless OCTAVES of this SOUND, within HIGHER FREQUENCY and waves of Vibration which divinely structured and AS WHAT IS distributes through Cosmic Axis, in purpose of( assistance and collaboration ) evolution of Universe and naturally the Earth and all livings on the planet.
Since 2011 In our Holographic model of Universe a Huge Quantum Jump is taking place which in our daily basis might appear as Higher Energy Waves from the Sun, and 12 DNA Activation at our Organismic state ( Human Body) which contains of Cellular and atomic subsystem. The organization principles of the Universe always follow From Above to Below, From Design to sub- design. OUR Collective Experience as Ascension is the spectrum of this Happening. This is a continues TRANSFORMATIVE WAVE which harmonically but intensely moving US as ONE Orgasmic PART into a NEW Space/Time Reality, which for lifetimes and years are named and Understood as HEAVEN/ AND HIGHER DIMENSIONS.
Truthfully, we do not know the reason behind this jump and Collective Ascension and as much as our human mind always wish to understand/label/ categories and conclude a happening, this HAPPENING is not Originated in form to ever be understood by form. Therefore what we call SURRENDERING to WHAT IT IS, is our new framework which never experienced and used as a Collective Principles to INFLUENCE LIFE through PURE AWARENESS and GRACE. This is the POWER and Magic of Being in Present, fully aware of border less Breath.
This is OUR NEW DESTINATION, Collectively as a UNIVERSE, Galaxy and solar system, Humans and all livings on the planet Earth. January 2018, we entered into a new holographic reality and since through solar waves, Heart transmutation, DNA upgrade and release of lower frequency and realm, we tune to a new range of WAVES that so far never been felt, experienced by HUMAN Bodies, it is intense, new , different and soul liberating. As our galaxy rising to a higher internal intelligence and can demonstrate more power and LIGHT WAVES, so are we. From the Golden Heart of ATMAN/ONE, A new Dream is born. And not just on Earth, across Galaxies and Realm, the mind of God, the primary MIND is shifting gears and entire form and formless are effected.
The NEW Template is already in place and active at some Higher AWARE Life Systems in different Galaxies.
The Earth due to its planetary nature and Human holographic design has given a higher possibility to be more than a mirror of God. The rise of civilization, as NEW EARTH HARMONICA Divine Project, to entirely reform our social systems, create a divine organization base of Order of LIGHT, LOVE, Purity.
The original Waves of MONAD GOD Frequency, within polarity of UNIVERSE reshaping newness in TIME & SPACE. Which it effects could manifest and create different things, timelines, Civilization to ensure the coherence of the living Universe.

LIONS GATE 8.08 2019 / New Galactic Year
This year, Lions Gate 8.08.2019 contains two phases between 25th July till 12th August.
One is completion of FORERUNNERS process, ( 144 Sparks of Light, originated from Crystalline Heart of One), FULL ASCENSION and DISSOVLEMENT in MIND of ONE.
They have arrived to the Neutralized State of Divine Mind, Aligned and One as Divine Will ( VIBRATION), for receive the full access Key to MANIFEST & centralizing the Divine Organization within 12 Structured TEMPLATE councils across Gaia, the BEGINNING of HOLOGRAPHIC UNIFIED SOUND of ONE ( Harmonica).
The second phase, is the deactivation of the hologram of Good and Evil. Energy could never be destroyed and across galaxies, a collective agreement is forged in this time and space that offers a HUGE Removal of ( WHAT IS NOT PURE) from all WAVES, Frequencies and Beings which are trapped in Darkness. The opportunity for the planted seeds of PURE to oversee the Unification of Lands, Borders, Nations and all HUMANITY. The new Earth is a state of FREEDOM which no longer can be ruled by few Nations and governments. It is the time to Support collectively different layers of Vibrations and Frequency within our Human Societies by rearranging our roles as way showers, gatekeepers, gridworkers, healers, teachers into ONE GLOBAL GALACTIC COUNCIL and through the LIONS Gate, we shall receive the new Waves from OUR GALACTIC Partners and Stars, to reinvent our economy systems, restructure of Financial, educational, justice systems.
Human Heart has a phenomenon abilities to access higher waves of Monad Creator and translate the data into light frequency which individual bodies ( Human Vessels ) can transmute like an antenna to their surrendering, attract, create and manipulate elements to serve the good of all, in the most peaceful and neutral way. Our Soul abilities are limitless. In hi phase we work as UNIFIED and EQUAL Divine ORGASMIC being.
The component of New Earth is rooted in un-measurable, undefined and always potent. This is the future of LIVING IN PRESENT. No longer we live in the world of assumptions, and perceptions. Heaven is Standing Tall on Earth and SEE THROUGH EYES of ONE, you might choose to use that for Earth and collaborate through your Human Body by rising the awareness, or you might Choose a higher Realm and focus on rise of Soul frequency and choose a formless collaboration for the future of this Galaxy.
Any way the next chapter will be radically challenging for all of us, as we are not having a map and we are not following anyone outside of SELF, we are ACCEPTING to work with HIGHER WAVES as They Rise from Centre of BLACK HOLE and we Receive them from our Solar Sun. We are becoming more and more as A DIVINE ACTIVIST, and now after all these upgrades, let go, we are coming in ALIGNMENT as ONE SOUND.
Experience the Highest waves and Rise as a new CIVILIZATION.

With love
Seraphim Joy