Earth’s Tomorrow begins Now.

When one discovers the fullness of emptiness, one wishes for nothing more. ❤️🙏🏼 (Mooji)

It has been a silent movement for the last few months. Our New Earth projects are coming to form, key after key, as collective consciousness rise to the higher frequencies, the flow leads our awaken communities to recognition the truth, and requirements beyond words and desires for peace and oneness, but actual steps to create a New Civilization across globe.
Being a light worker and live consciously is a natural state of Divinity in us (Humans), to experience true Unity, we need to remember the future of Earth. The codes and designs to build, attracts and manifest from higher state of Soul(s), are activated in certain locations on Earth and the doer(s) of today are the Ones whom are arrived from Future of Gaia and Galaxies to Engineer The New Civilization purified from Ego and Control, rooted in Heart of Humanity and Gaia.
We are returning to ultimate power of Universe, Majestic Presence could only be felt in present. Our tasks as active agents of truth/divine is to consider a service beyond human scope, in relation to entire cosmos, how can be begin? By entering to fullness of emptiness, living bare, aware and truthful to our path, whatever form it carries.
New Earth Unity is a promise to Love, live border-less and committed to Good of all.
Thus includes to be prepare to let go of all attachments to certain way of living. Our new Cities will be build in equal partnership, financially free and simplified sustainable and eco friendly. What can we change today?

Namaste 💜

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How to start living from unified self

Are we prepare to live without gravity and in freedom to be connected with all elements, in full devotion and power to be an instrument of Divine and let every breath be a music new to our ears and ancient to our hearts?

Are we ready to let go of our individual attachments, stories and patterns and enter a united heart centre, to value life and plan to be part of an authentic civilization.
Ascending is an on going process and as we all come to self realization and be harmonized through our pure DNA coding and alignment with divine will, our way of live and social design also requires upgrading.
It is time to feel with new senses where future is not linear, what it really means and how we can start living in peaceful and purposeful communities, sustainable cities.
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Moving into global soul socialism

It seems simple to speak of love and union without understanding the required steps to create a peaceful Home/Space/Nirvana in material world for the good of all.
We are united as souls, so in our human reality we build a united home, New Earth.
In our new civilization, we engineer and create a system that includes everyone, with an equal right and access to a safe and peaceful space.
In our new Earth, we follow the divine equal design as it merged in future of humanity.
A new open approach to sameness and community ownership than individuals. socialism is step forward to the fair share in give and take, using natural resources,.

Production under socialism would be directly and solely for use. With the natural and technical resources of the world held in common and controlled democratically, the sole object of production would be to meet human needs. This would entail an end to buying, selling and money. Instead, we would take freely what we had communally produced. The old slogan of “from each according to ability, to each according to needs” would apply.

So how would we decide what human needs are? Now, after many years of ascending, we are all coming to activation of Godlike nature and by following our truth, we can easily pass by ego and low vibration of our human’s skin and make decisions at different levels which serves entire humanity and Earth.
To begin the new phase of Earth, we have to ask ourselves what living in love looks like, what are the requited steps to transcend our physical realities as a 3 Dimension living (my house, my town, my business) to border-less and not defined Tribe/ Social/Global/Soul higher dimensions.
The truth asks every awaken soul to let go of any ties to counties, ways of living, possessions, to create a new balance system on earth which includes all lives.
The aim of ascending is not to keep your ears next to ascending daily radio reports and posts of social media and what energy and frequency is coming from beyond! It is a full house keeping, and accepting we need to offer our entire life to this process. We are not ascended to just enjoy as Gods, we are here to build and reprogram our value systems and let go of personal and get into the global vision and all followed by truthful walks.
You are invited to leave the earth of ancestors and land to ascended heaven, all portals, stargates and excitement of these magnificent shift, all current happening is not for your Personal JoY, it is for future! Past! Present of Earth and all livings.
Focus on that and be more excited, dance naked if you wish, but also realise non of this happenings are about you, it is all about the creator/divine and his/her desire to evolve. If we all ascending as we all believe in that, the face of Earth also is transforming. And the first part of it is to create Eco Towns, Soul Educational Centres, remove money from worth system, get equal and inclusive…