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Beloved Tribe, friends,

It has been a new level reality of 5D while crossing across USA since last Tuesday. After landing in Seattle, it was moments of uncertainty that I will have a place to sleep which with help of my Guardian Angel/sister manifested. Then taking the bus in USA was a new experience and very different from Europe, with all sensitivity and energy waves, I Am became fully witness activated mood, which I could see how my old programs are leaving the consciousness and even it took almost 40 hours, travel with delays in couple of bus stops include LA greyhound Station, being surrendered by low and some shadow frequencies, somehow I stayed at neutral mood, observing. Body became very tired and exhausted by the time I arrived Phoenix, it was 76 hours without sleep. So when my beautiful sister Sherry picked me up, my body was so close to collapse and her welcome to her serene home and loving family was truly did a magic and I am gradually finding my being breathing more balanced and centred.
They are constant acceleration and integration to 5d frequency and moving effortless with flow. Visions are stronger since my landing in AZ,it feels like a radio in my head hearing Clear waves of Sirius, deep remembrance is taking place within this vessel.
The guidance is to be in Sedona nature from 7- after 11th August. Somewhere out of town. I see an small gathering at night, souls are assigned to receive their Star coding and power to unlock the final seals of this universal and galactic rebirth into present. I know my physical presence was and is required for this, however some might join by etheric body.
As we land deeper and deeper in feminine energy of Now and be fully aware and allow the happening, I share this Pilgrimage as a small puzzle of Our ONE UNIFIED PRESENCE to work and serve Truth of Unity, One Love, The Source of all.
This morning I received some info on the location and pointed to a Ranch in Sedona.
They have a cabin available for max 2 and rate of $69. I have no car and my abundance with paper is $20.
I am opening my heart more to all there is, as my brain has no clue why I am guided to Sedona, my soul deeply vibrating and dissolving if not by now, in Divine Will that I just can be more soft and allow what ever the reason, purpose or doing, either through my vessel or others (One), come to shape this in matter, so be it.

Your gifts and donations are welcomed, I have been provided sanctuary, wonderful bedroom, food and amazing sisterhood, which my heart sees and receives gratefully and in joy of our oneness.
My pilgrimage is continuing and if you wish to support please forward your donation


So my body continues her existence as the intensity of the flames of Divine passion to be in Now and present / work as an activator/ Architect/ Engineer of New Earth Civilization template is burning me inside out.

It is the time to voice, manifest, design and share at a complete new level as An agent of Light and server of One and as I also walk with nothing, always in zero point, I ask my other parts ( my heart souls) to join this movement if they sense the alignment and be the present and voice and action of Our New Earth.
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Thank you

Time of action

As bus getting closer to Phoenix, every cell confirming my presence in control room of Sirian starship, somehow I was here before, not in this body! I know now why Spirit brought me back to this space on Gaia. To collect, activation seals of Sirius, power of Still mountains and magic of walking through stones.
Feeling in a few days a key within my body will be fully activated (Master Key), we open portals to Milky way genius, this is process of descending, the Mother Board coding of Our Star Ancestors, template of a New, living One.

If you are also drawn to Sedona at this time, feel free to get in touch and let fork the magic of light and mystery of Land. Absolute Freedom on Earth, is our mission, as Galactic Wizards. We connect and open gates of Heaven, as Gaia and humanity ascend, force comes through from our third eyes and higher chakras, we build, design and engineer the Template of New Earth and Civilization.





As gates of Now are opened and energy of blood moon Eclipse moving Earth and Humans to marriage of All, before Full embodiment At Lion Gates 8.8.11, we soften into present, remembering our true Self Paradigm, templates and Original Essence.
For some it might appear new shifts and perception, completely new and for other souls, depends on their Essence design it is just matter of remembering and un-coding the symbols, sacred messages and direction of the New Earth.
The linear time no longer is part of future of Earth and Awaken souls in 5D and above, it feels the gravity also is shifting. The movement of water of Earth, Soft & hard, Soul and Body are coming to produce new way of alchemical work in matter and with natural elements.
Our new homes on Earth coming in new designs, all made by Divine Template, Symbols which we related and eager to unlock their mystery of Crops Fields, are coming to unite in design of New Earth.
The restructure of Civilization is already began. The relocation of many Starseeds and Light workers since 2017, will continue up to 2020 across the earth. Also finding and merging in assigned tribes, communities and Earth missions is speeding up, it is important to recognize that all Earth connections are Sacred and One and not taking place from the place of Separation and superiority, only allowing the inner template guide and attracts the right and aligned light family. Gentle steps are advised before any merge into energy of the Group, awareness to invisible frequencies are our guidance, it would create drama if after rejoin we recognize the tribe and work is not really feel OURS. All manifestations at this time need the seed energy of Source which always available through POWER of SOUL TEMPLATE.
Imagine an infinite WEB OF LIGHT, connected across Universe and not Just Earth, now as Awaken consciousness we surrender to flow that comes from within and Light of Intention and Force of Purity, We shapes Ethereal Pyramids which not just connects the portals of a new Earth, but also brings a higher frequency and connection to other Galaxies.
The role of some of silent walkers and Galactic Gate Keepers to this moment was only to open the Gates through their Body and Crystalline Energy of their hearts, they are Divine Assigned Activators, they Galactic Wizards, their assignments on Earth has been to walk to different places and collect their Galactic Vision/ piece of puzzle and symbols so far. By Entering to blood moon Eclipse, they new symbols will be revealed to their HUman design which make it possible for all to begin the next phase of materializing and creating ETHEREAL PYRAMIDS into matter. The design of CITY OF LIGHTS, how to Work as Collective Consciousness as collective and from ONE LOCATION on face of earth. How Being Spirit means in Human civilization.
The end of 3D and 4D means, we are entering into AGE of SIMPLICITY, GRACE and MAGIC of Momentary Being HERE (HUMAN) and BEING here, DIVINE.
As a Human Body, I am a portal of a Sirius Blue Ray (A), Flame of Seraphim, I am the initiator of ALL Rays that their earth path have been through Devotion and Heart. At the same time, I am just empty vessel to used by Sprit to echo Truth.
I shared a bit of Earth new Template in Dec 2017 on http://www.newearthunity.foundation, and then it stopped as my personality needed to completely be removed to receive further guidance.
The time is today, after months burning to take an action which channel the burning flames in my belly, since two days ago, sprit keeps unveiling what is mine to take a responsibility for, knowing…
Our Awakening never change the dream, it changes our experiences and being here as observant and witness, is the state of bliss, fulfillment and eternal peace.
The purpose of this Collective Upgrade is unknown to us and might never reveal her full beauty and phenomenon, but at some level we all know the source is smiling. 
We can accept that we are collectively and willingly play our parts in what we never can understand or even grasp in human form no matter how advance and awake we become, as it is still a dream of the dreamer and begin enjoying and celebrate every moment of this mystery or still believe it is real and stay is suffering and limitation.
As we lose the sense of time, and more free to be in present, the gap between happening and manifestation decreases and we all could create our requirement for whatever let say Divine project , that we are involved and assigned. Life is getting even more impersonal,( neutral )and going with flow ( Natural) become an art that we all be master soon.
Regards my human doing, seems it is about to speed out and I am back on writing seat and transmuting the downloads and codes.
My where about is shown as the travel to USA, from Seattle by car, over a week to Sedona just around 8.8.11.
After that will be a short stay and then L.A is coming strong. I trust all required to make this Happen, is on its way and as my pen activated by light of Divine and this passion to bring the template, symbols and guiding energy in form, I am voicing what is my seervice to Gaia, Humanity and Galaxy.
I have been guided since 2012, this upgrade and reinvention on Earth is assigned to SIRIUS BLUE RAYS, and I never imagined how many dead desert I (We)have to cross and let go and be humbled to finally get the permission to speak, share and also make the ground work for this happening.
“We are the voice of Divine Template for New Earth & Civilization, as Serena writes these words, her entire body is electrified in ecstasy and sense of liberation.
She knew this calling since 5 years old and this life, wow, what life She chose to live and ended to begin this, the master Builder is Fully Awaken, we designed and built the Pyramids of Egypt and here again, WE ARE ALL HERE, THE BLOOD OF Sirius, Rise as ONE.
With This, I Activate all Brotherhood, Sisterhoods of STARS, to rejoin and follow the HEART PILGRIMAGE, WE ARE BUILDING, REINVENTING Our HEART and SOULS Home on planet Earth, are unity is about to even wider, it is MORE THAN EARTH, Galaxies and other Planes and planets are UNIFIYING, Right now and Right here.
The happening is the UNVEILING of TRUTH, the BIG BANG 0f Consciousness, through AWAKENS in the DREAM of ONE.”

This is my fulltime work now as a Designer, Engineer, Gathering, Symbols, connecting dots and invite in the assigned souls. In coming few days, the website info will be updated, I also create a more specific presentation, hoping in coming months, I finally have a grounding to design the template and share.
In between, my heart might still sing a song or two ( poetry) but for now, just anchoring this energy, being present, share when I can share, and like everyone else honor my vehicle.
My move will be soon, and it will be the magic of ONE that brings all required. If you are in Victoria and drawn to walk this part with me, please get in touch. I welcome your hearts.
In the past I always asked for donation and support for my own safety and human body, now, this is a new life, new everything. So, be who you are and may love binds us into magic and beauty of this mysterious path and the nature of flow provides for all US, to SERVE OUR CALLING, FLAMES of TRUTH, I AM.

Opening to magic of Who I AM and purity that touches life as with-in, so with-out.
I AM One.


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