The purpose of this site is to invite  the key holders,  volunteer Participant LIGHT-WORKERS, PASSIONATE AWAKEN HUmans of this project to gather on this divine platform (HUB, physical, cyber and spirit) which  are infused by truth that lives in UNITY of all. However this calling could be attractive to many people, please contact us  if your drawn strongly to vision and feel your divine gifts could be useful for good of all.  Cosmos heart calling awaken light workers, light bearers, grid workers, Earth Guardians,… whom already made the complete shift to 5D and higher dimensions and have an assigned DNA for Divine Holy work, willing to join and offer their complete devotion and work as one  to design, engineer, manifest the NEW EARTH UNITY PROJECTS, as they know who they are and directly connect to the energy of these PROJECTS and Truth of the VISION will speaks and activates the coding hidden their hearts.

The Vision

A life of “Heaven on Earth”, that is, inner peace, serenity, joy, abundance, and harmonious co-existence, for all who so choose to be authentic souls, follow heart and in service of All. The optimal health and well-being of 5D and above Life Beings, granting the ability to tap into the full potential of the soul DNA and collective Consciousness.

The re-union of kindred spirits, light workers, soul groups and tribes and crystalline frequency of higher Self into physical reality and constant purification and empowerment of Soul Tribes towards higher levels of existence and expression (Dimensions)

To Be and Express as a powerful UNIT/oneness with all life and existence, on Earth, Solar System, Galaxies and entire universe. To offer awareness, peaceful presence, transcendent experience of divine union with the Source of all that is, was and ever shall be. The Seraphim EARTH UNITY Projects 2018-2027 are a living, integrated, Evolutionary Movement intended to foster thriving communities in collective stewardship of our planet.

ECO/Town Villages, Sustainability, UNITY Community, Educational spiritual & personal developments, following holistic principals, offer a Conscious & cultural dialogue, an inspiring educational & residential space, to build the foundation for a more regenerative future through the interactive and on-going shared development of life style, soul unity in 5D and into higher dimensions, as well as social technology tools, innovative templates, live models, resources and information that are useful to Light-workers communities.

Assist in foundation and expansion of awareness through a missionary platform of Consciousness LIVING & CREATING  that transmit simplicity, create and promote Soulful Products, bring unity and insights into various paradigms of consciousness.

Most especially the newly emerging paradigms that uphold and facilitate the establishment of harmony in diversity, individual sovereignty, self-mastery, an appreciation of all living, humans &  nature and the universe, and the responsible co-creation of realities, all in the spirit of truth, peace, authenticity and integrity.


please come back, in UPDATE Process. 🙂