Who are called for?

Our Mission is 

To invite and gather Awaken HUmans in one place (EARTH UNITY Centers & Cities) and be a Physical and Cyber HUB to hold and catalyze the spiritual and material evolution and awakening process of Humanity

Educate and promote the expansion of awareness and appreciation of nature and the cosmos through Creative Alchemy Educational Centers worldwide.

Full Embodiment of Christ Consciousness through work, conscious living at Eco Villages (Light Family and Tribes) I assisting the constant shift of paradigms that uphold harmony in diversity, self-mastery, individual sovereignty and responsible co-creation of realities.

Educate and offer facilitation toward the healing journey of humanity optimal wellness in mind, body, soul and spirit.

Implant Cosmic Consciousness through Eco Villages, sustainable living, as a way of life on NEW EARTH, share and value from heart center, that is a life exemplified and inspired by an appreciation of the microcosm and macrocosm of nature and the universe.

Be a leading Inspiring movement toward Earth UNITY and facilitate the ascension of the vibrational frequency of soul Tribes through shifting perspectives and increasing levels of awareness, thus activating inherent capabilities for use in the purposeful refinement and manifestation of goals and aspirations considered important by the soul.

Embody and transmit the pure essence of forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love, harmony, freedom, responsibility, serenity, gratitude, authenticity, integrity and truth.

Who are called to participate and collaborate in The Seraphim EARTH UNITY Projects 2018-2027?

Awaken Humans/soul body who already activated and treading a conscious spiritual path

Everyone who resonates with the mission, vision, values, work, calling and essence of The Seraphim EARTH UNITY Project 2018-2027

Seekers who sincerely wishes to participate and learn more about what the Seraphim EARTH UNITY Project 2018-2027 is about and how its mission and vision unfolds.

We are One.